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Practicing Biblical Meditation

Discussion in 'Counseling' started by Chad, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Practicing Biblical Meditation
    By Dr. Charles Stanley

    Psalm 1:1-3

    Meditation is reading the Scriptures, listening to the Lord, and asking Him to speak to our hearts. It means making ourselves available to Him for instruction and growth.

    To meditate requires time, outward silence, and inner quiet, three things that many of us unfortunately do not believe we must give to God. We tend to be spiritually anemic because we keep busy running from one activity to the next.

    But if we choose to meditate, God has great rewards for us.

    We will learn to develop a quiet spirit, no matter how stormy our surroundings are. Inner calm is one character trait of Jesus Christ that we can appropriate as we become more like Him.

    Another positive result of meditation is that God will deepen our hunger for Him. Many people wish they loved God more, and quiet time is the key. Try setting aside time with God every day for a week. You may have to start the process more than once, but it will be worth it. God will do an amazing work—He will so satisfy the desires of your heart with Himself that you will want more time with Him.

    Through meditation, our view of the Lord enlarges because we learn to see Him as He really is. We also see problems and needs in their proper perspective. No difficulty is too big for our Father. When we experience the living God, our discernment is sharpened, and we learn to think as He thinks.

    Of course, the greatest reward of meditation is an increased sensitivity to God, His will, and His work in our life.

    Biblical meditation beings us closer to our Creator—the One who has amazing things planned for our lives. And as we experience Him and walk along the path He has for us, we will experience life at its very best.
  2. thank you chad for posting this topic, it has help me and blessed me because this was something i was truely stuggling with. thank you for letting the lord use you.
  3. Thank you for posting this. It is something I have intended to do for as long as I can remember. It is only in the last few weeks that I have finally been getting up earlier to read the Bible. Somehow I also need to find time to be quiet and listen. So hard for me.
  4. I could not agree with my brother Chad more!! In James 2:17 we see " Even so faith,if it has no works, is dead being by itself!! What is that work?? The work for all believers in Christ Jesus is found in john 6:28-29! And to believe is to stay in his Word daily so that our mindset is renewed through his Word! To become ever thinking of his Word rather then our feeling and emotion!( 1 cor 16:13-14!!) As my brother Chad spoke is "having an increased sensitivity to God, his will,and his WORK in our life!!" There is no doubt left because our minds are renewed in HIS truth! THROUGH!!!! HIS!!! very Word which produces his very work in us!! amen! Thanks so much for that reminder brother!!
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  5. Nice piece by Dr Stanley,
    His comment here is so true.
    Finding time to rest is not easy when you are responsible for others welfare.
    That's why singles who want a spouse should enjoy every minute they spend alone with the Father and Jesus.
    Because he will answer in his time and you will end up missing that closeness you had with him when you were longing for companionship.
    You will soon find that pleasing God was easier than pleasing a spouse.
    And you will long for that "no one but the one" relationship you had.

    Don't get me wrong I have four children and a spouse who I have shared 33 years with.
    Now that the children have left the nest and we got over the empty nest syndrome we started to
    spend more time in that sabbath rest.
    No schedule and an open ear makes it easier for the eternal spirit to minister to us who are stuck in time.
    While your busy though you can slow down in your heart and let God minister through his heart to your busy brain.
    God speed
  6. I have been doing this on a regular basis. Even when posting a reply to this forum.
    When I first started meditating on the word of God, or scripture, it was mentally challenging. My ego tried to divert me from any deeper truths.
    These days, I no longer have to struggle with the meditation. I simply love Christ and be patient.
    The main lessons I learnt from Christ is to reference (the way, truth, and life) from the spirit perspective as opposed from the worldly-self perspective.

    Meditating on scripture, is a real heart opener.
    I know this may sound strange, but I cannot explain it any other way without tarnishing it. When Jesus, through the Spirit of truth, reveals a truth, I sense a bright yellow light shining from my heart, and it is quickened. This also happens when I reply to most of my posts here on TJ. Sometimes I might want to reply, or expand on a post, but nothing is happening from my heart. It is then I usually do not reply, or cancel what I wrote.

    I have noticed that truth has no need for a story, or a long explanation. Truth simply IS, and the more words attached to the IS, less IS it becomes. Often I just end up with a short reply.
    Sometimes I get the urge to articulate one thing, from various angels, to minimize confusion, But I still manage to confuse many :laugh:, and some even resent it. But if my heart is still open during the tension from others, I remain okay with it all.

    I strongly recommend prayer and meditation on scripture, and even on the deeper meanings of singular words.
    The world is a cover-up story for the real truth of the spirit. Prayer and meditation is a way to see clearly.
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  7. You know for the longest time I strained at this gnat, completely misunderstanding the idea of what meditation was. All I had known of "meditation," was stuff I saw in "Karate Kid," and other martial arts movies...LOL. I thought meditation was sitting cross-legged yoga style, thumb and finger in a ring on each knee...muttering some mantra over and over. Obviously, such a thought was just too comical for me to even consider meditating; however, over time I learned how narrow and misguided this perspective was. In the end, I have drawn some basic conclusions on the concept:

    A). Meditation is not so much about the act in and of itself; but the focus, direction and intensity with which one applies it. it is simply seeking more diligently, digging deeper, and driving harder to find the unwritten truths and underlying principles/applications.
    B). It is contemplative and thoughtful re-visitation of the scriptures, passages, and exhortations studied as we go throughout our daily lives.
    C) it is being intentional with our prayers to impose upon God to reveal to us greater insight and depth of understanding regarding what we read and receive.

    Since I have learned to "go the extra mile," in truly absorbing the written Word; I have seen dramatic and undeniable increase in the fruit from such daily enterprise. For those who don't know...if one wishes to know...apply the concept of meditation; and one will find a far deeper comprehension of who God is, what He wills, and what His Word says.
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  8. I'm actually really struggling with this as we speak
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  9. It is much harder in this day and age to meditate. The world is so "fast" and full of obligations, especially if one has children....LOL. In which case you may be lucky to have a moment at all to sleep much less meditate...haha! However, we can multi-task here. How hard is it to reflect on our morning's study as we drive to work? How hard is it to reread the passage before bed and sleep on it? How hard is it to write a single verse down and read it on lunch break at work....or at moments throughout our day? True, meditation is most effective when we have the time to find a quiet corner in life and spend time in deep contemplation...but we can adapt to our situations and MAKE time for smaller moments of reflection. It is up to us to be intentional here...the world will not proactively "grant" us meditation time. We have to take actions and make preparations to undertake it. In the end...even a minute or two of meditation is better than nothing.

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