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ppfffttt doctors! what do they know....

well as some of you know or maybe dont know i have been dealing with Anxiety, OCD, and Depression for a while now..

well not anymore! i dont know what god is doing.. and i dont know how he is doing it.. but i feel pretty good anymore my Anxiety is gone and the OCD has faded to a point of it being laughable to me and not even worth worring about... and the depression is pretty much gone ( i still have moments of feeling bummed but its only when i get bored so i just read the word and blammo! its gone) and its not even close to the level of intensity it was before.. this may not sound like much to most ppl but it is a awesome leap for me when not but 3 weeks ago my DR. told me if i dont start taking Meds i would get worse and wouldnt be able to function... guess he didnt count on me getting a second opinion from Dr.God.. anyway i felt the need to share because i believe there are some ppl out there in the world that think god isnt a healer any more... well i am here to tell you he is and the meds he gives you have only 2 side effects... salvation and joy.
Glory to God Drew! I believe everything a child of God goes
thru is God`s way of preparing us to minister to others in
those same areas. The best guides are those who
know the territory well that one must travel thru. :wink:

God isn't alarmed when we hit rock bottom.
He is the rock!
God is our GREAT PHYSICIAN...HE steps in many times when all sources/resources have been exhausted. As Coconut mentioned, "God isn't alarmed when we hit rock bottom." On the bottom, we find the foundation of our faith and we can only look up and know that HE hasn't left us nor forsaken us as HE promised. HE is our Jehovah-Rapha. I'm glad to tell/remind you that HE is faithful and HE is our healer of physical/mental conditions...nothing too hard for HIM to handle. HE loves us and wants us to depend upon HIM for all our needs.
Thats is awsome! It is very encouraging for me to hear. I am so happy to hear that drew! Praise God for he is good!! Thank you Lord!
Thank you for sharing with us drew. I needed to be reminded that God is our doctor. and that he can and if its his will... heal. God Bless you
Jesus is Lord and there's nothing anxiety and depression can do about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the encouraging praise report on God healing you.
We will continue to pray and believe in a complete healing.
Staff Member
Amen Drew! Glad to hear that brother :) GOD is phenomenal infinitely. All glory to the Father in Heaven, in Jesus' name
If everyone went to God in repentance, and called on Him to help them, there wouldn't be any need for meds! God loves each of us so much, and I thank Him that He brought you to that place of healing.

Keep focussed on Him, just like Peter when he walked on the water towards Jesus - he only realised that he was doing something amazing when he took his eyes off Jesus - then he started sinking. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life - follow Him, and enjoy the new freedom you have found in Him.


Praise God Drew ! I am very happy to hear this . Please keep me posted . Brother Mike :thumbs_up
Wow that is great! God heals His believers. We learned in school about the gift of healing. Sometimes it goes against laws of nature. God can do all things. When we need help God will help us. God bless you.