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powerful prayer

i love this story and tell it over and over...

There once was a girl walking down a dark alley, when she sees a suspicious man standing at the end. She says a quick prayer asking for God's protection and continues to walk down the alley, right past the man and straight home. The following morning she reads in the newspaper that a girl was raped in the same alley only 20 minutes after she'd gone through. She goes to the police to see if she can lend a hand. She correctly identifies the rapist in a line-up and the police departement thanks her. She asks the police to ask the man one question: why he hadnt chosen her... he replies that she had two tall men walking beside her down the alley...
makes u think on how powerful prayer is doesnt it?:love:
WOW!!!!!! thats really a great story and shows how fast god can answer a prayer!!!!
Thanks for sharing...

god bless