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posting on forums...?

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New Member
This never happened to me before during my membership here, but I hadn't been here for a few months now, so it seems like a new change came...? I just wanted to post a reply but I got the message that I have to wait till it will be approved by a moderator... I really don't recall this happening ever before. Or is it only in certain forum sections? Because I posted in a section where I hadn't any time before so I didn't even know before (to be exact, it was Soulmate in the section Fellowship)... *confused*
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Staff member
This post was not moderated, so it seems you really are not having issues.

Your post in soulmate forum went through just fine too

The system will put into moderation a post if it triggers possible keywords that it may think is spam. It goes to may, I check it and confirm or reject the post depending on its validity. Your post went through sister.
Re: Posting on forums

Are you sure it was TalkJesus that that happened in, Estrella? There's at least one other V-Bulletin Christian site I know of that looks a lot like TalkJesus, but isn't that does moderate posts that way.

New Member
Hmm, I don't understand why it happened. I can see it is there now, yes, it's the thread and post you linked Chad, but yesterday it just wasn't added - I got the message saying something about what I said in the first post here, and after that I stayed on the forum yet for maybe 10 - 15 mins and it still wasn't added during the time. But today I came and it is there... strange. Every time when I posted something here there was no delay, only yesterday with that post.

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