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Post your testimony!

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This is to encourage everyone to encourage each other and ultimately give GOD His due glory in Jesus Christ!

Pick one single favorite moment in your life experience in your walk with GOD and post it here! Be simple and sincere, no need for anything fancy or sugar coated. Just tell it like it is!

Mine is when I received an email from a brother Mike Christ here at Talk Jesus about a month ago then a second shortly after. In the email GOD spoke to this brother and laid it on his heart to pray specifically for me. GOD told him the things to pray about.

This is the email (first)


I was in my prayer and worship before the Lord not only for my intimacy with the Father on Fathers day , but also for my house and my direction in Gods service to him . As I was praying , the Lord again revealed just a few things about you and told me to pray these things through . I have been released from that prayer and the Lord instructed me to say this to you .

As I was praying , the Lord showed me a round room . I was looking down into the room from high above it . I saw a man inside of the room going around and around in circles . I watched and prayed as the Lord brought me closer to the room .

When I got close enough over the room , I saw you going around and around in circles inside this room . But as I was closer , I could see about three or maybe four doors on the walls of the room . As you were going around , you were opening each door , waiting a minute , and then closing the door and doing the same to each door .

In the center of the room , was a guitar and a small fire . I asked the Lord about the vision and he said this to me . He told me that the doors were buisness opportunities that you were trying to make happen . But as the doors began to open easier , you have become very bored with it all . Keep in mind . The Lord did not say you are lax , but rather , bored . Unfulfilled in all these thing,s .

I asked our Lord about the guitar and the fire in the middle of the room . The Lord spoke to me and said this . The Lord asked me if you ever mentioned a guitar song you made up one day . I told the Lord that you have said that in the past , and that I was praying for you in that hobby .

The Lord told me that it is not a hobby , but your passion ! I asked the Lord about what would he have me do . He told me that , you have only spoke of one song . But the Lord has put four songs in your heart to play but you have only told about one because the others are only spirit songs inside of your heart . The Lord said that he wants to fulfill you in your passion but you have been too busy accomplishing buisness ventures .

This is not bad but it's time to rest by the fire and play your guitar for Jesus . He told me that if you do this , he will fill you with a fresh anointing , and satisfy your soul .


Song on guitar: Yes, I always talk about this awesome song GOD gave me. I love it, love to play it and wish to make it "happen" one day. I have a great vision from the Holy Spirit to have a mini movie accompany the song itself. I'm all goosebumped now.

3 spiritual songs: I was confused at first about this. I was literally trying to figure out what songs they were because I never sing songs in words of my own (the last thing you want me to do believe me) and I never wrote 3 spiritual songs either in lyrics. I prayed on it and about a month later GOD used the same brother to answer it. He explained that they are not (not necessarily) literally songs (music) but anything like praise, worship, love. etc. Well, GOD hit it on the head again. I love Talk Jesus (ministry), my business, and above all my GOD!

Trip: I'm going on a cruise with a beautiful godly woman I met not long ago. Funny how GOD operates. I originally had a plan to go to Lebanon since months ago to visit this girl who I thought was "the one". Nonetheless, she did not get back to me suddenly for over a month now. It was planned for July, well that is gone. Now, GOD introduced this beautiful godly woman, rich in wisdom who is also a member here at Talk Jesus! What other way can top it off or lil uncle Chad to meet his future GOD called wife??? (jumping to conclusions, don't worry - its happening). So, now the "trip" is December. 5 months, perfect timing for both of us - two godly peole filled with the Holy Spirit. Did I mentioned I always had a doubting feeling about the original girl in Lebanon? With this girl GOD called, not here. Its purel genuine.

Business dealings: self exlanatory. I love my business, but I feel platued so to speak. Now things are moving along and I am putting action to work again - alot is happening, praise GOD for that.

Talk Jesus: GOD is giving me peace by selecting annointed moderators to help me out for HIS glory and my long needed rest. Without a doubt, I am always on fire for GOD. But, I still remain human and needing rest.


When I read the email I had just woken up and what a beautiful way to start the day!!! I felt like my monitor was filled with Jesus and He spoke to me right through this little screen!!! I was completely overwhelmed with joyful tears and was left speechless but shouting in my heart with joy. This was the first time I heard GOD speak THAT direct and clear to me. GOD knew that I was always concerned, cautious and some what confused if the thought is from GOD or not. Well, GOD made it obvious that this is Him and He knew it ALL in my life and MORE than I would and could have explained it myself! He used another perosn to prove it further.

Don't you love how GOD works? Not only that, the way that GOD relays messages to us through others AND the way GOD potrays the in thoughts, visions, dreams or however it may be. I'm so mind blown!

Second Email:


Dear Brother Chad . Hello from Mike Sawyer . Chad , if I may , I would like to share a few things the Lord has allowed me to see in you're life . I pray that you understand that when I pray , the Lord uses me as a watchman for the church , and his servants . As I was praying for you , the Lord showed me a large host of ambition's , and idea's running through you're mind on a scattered sort of way . So many things the Lord has prepared for you in the future .

When I asked in prayer about why these thoughts are overtaking you in such a overbearing way , the Lord said to me . My servant Chad is very talented and gifted in all he does . But deep inside , he has a wound that has caused a deep insecurity about himself , and he is striving to hold back the hurt from this scar . The Lord has shown me that you have been tormented by satan with low self esteem . This comes from a childhood wound that is buried deep within you're soul .

The Lord also told me that you are very anxious to find a mate , and get married , and have children . This will happen in due season . I also was shown , that you have a desire to go on a cruise , or maybe an opportunity has come along , and you have been thinking about it . The Lord told me to tell you to go on the cruise , and he will speak to you about some thing's that I have no idea about .

Chad , these are just some things our God has shown me about how to pray for you . Please do not think I am crazy , but I am only his servant sent to help you . If any of this makes any sense to you , then please let me know , so I can continue to pray in you're behalf . If they are not the truth , then throw them away , and let me know so I will be able to let these things go in my prayer life . I love you Chad , and even though you are 25 years old , I am still here to serve . Please write back and let me know how you feel about what I was told to tell you .


Low Self Esteem: I've been diagnosed with hearing impairment / damanaged nerve cells back in 1st grade when I was 6 or 7 years old. Ever since, this has affected my self esteem. I wish to hear clear, I wish to speak clear, I wish to hear my guitar clear when I am rocking awya for GOD using HIS GIFT of music.

God bless you
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Bump up, how about some people waking up and posting their testimonies?

Don't you love to praise GOD? Where are you?

Show GOD some love and do it publicly, do it loud and with a joyful heart!

Your heart beats automatically due to one reason only: GOD'S GRACE!

Is that not enough for you to post your testimony of GOD and give Him glory?
I didn't see this thread til today...I have an awesome testimony. I may have posted it here before (I've told several people & sometimes forget who), but it bears repeating.

My son (Michael) is in the Army & currently serving in Germany. He has been there since 2001. He was sent to Kuwait in February 2003 with orders to basically await further orders. On the day that President Bush officially declared war, Michael called me from Kuwait. He called 2 hours before the war was officially declared. His unit was getting ready to march across into Iraq & he didn't know when he would be able to call again. I started crying, but held up for him...I've testified of my faith many times & God spoke to my heart that I had to let him see me demonstrate that faith right now. I told him I would be praying & that I would have everyone I knew to pray & that God would return him safely to Germany.

We hung up & I cried...& cried...& prayed...& prayed. I went to church that nite & just sat there & cried. My pastor prayed for us & I couldn't even speak..just cried. The next day...I woke up with a peace that truly passed all understanding. I KNEW he would be ok...beyond a shadow of a doubt. I witnessed this way to everyone - some people even told me they knew I wanted to believe that way, BUT. I said "no buts"...I do believe.

2 weeks went by...my phone rang at 2 am. He had gotten with some of the Air Force guys & they were letting them all call home. He said "I'm ok, Mom". I praised God the rest of the night...even in my sleep.

There were times I would wake up knowing to pray & would learn that his unit had been under attack. I checked the news early one morning & found that his unit had been undergoing attack for several hours. I sat down at the computer that day & prayed "Dear God, it sure would be nice to get an email from him". Now I had gotten maybe 2 the whole time. They just did not have access to phones or computers as readily as some did. God is SO good....in my inbox was an email. "Mom, we had a little mortar fire last nite, but I'm ok." I continue to be amazed at how much God loves His children!!

Much time went by without hearing from him again. I had a dream where I saw him & in that dream he looked worn, dirty & had lost weight. His hair...normally blond.. was a dirty color. I was on the computer when an instant message came up..it was from him & he was in Kuwait again. He had access to webcam & I was able to get a 5 second view of him. He looked EXACTLY as he did in my dream!!!

His stay in Kuwait was delayed. They kept postponing the time they would be allowed to return to their bases & they were all getting discouraged. Their adrenalin was not pumping as it had to be in Iraq & they were feeling the fatigue. They were however, very excited to have hot showers (previously 5 gallon buckets of water) & flushing toilets (just imagine how they went in the desert). Michael said he just stood over the toilet & flushed it several times..:) Anyway, back to the discouragement part. He did get to call & talk about the maybe next date they could leave, but he was doubtful. I truly felt he would be able to leave at a certain time & told him that. Sure enough....he was home in time for his 3rd anniversary.

Sorry, I know this was long, but God is totally AMAZING!!! His presence was with us all throughout this time & I cannot leave any details out when telling this testimony.
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That's an amazing testimony sister sapphire :)

God bless your family and thank you for sharing this with us!
Thanks Chad...I never tire of telling about this. I was hoping others had posted - it's so uplifting to tell & read of God's work in our lives.
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So no one else can post one simple testimony? Where is everyone?

I want to say this to you.

This site was an answer to a prayer for me and I want you to know all I have found.

I came here wanting some peace and strength and I found so much and more.

I found I though I believed and trusted in Jesus but didn't understand in my heart. Then on good friday following a shower of bible verses in live chat from christians here touched by God. I understood that being a Christian was about grace and mercy where before I felt I failed with my actions and constantly persecuted my self for sinning. My heart was filled on good friday. I was touched and finally understood what it meant to feel a touch from the holy spirit. I accepted Jesus with my heart and not just my head.

When I was younger and made a commitment to God with my head. I didn't feel any different and thought I wasn't good enough to be touched by God's spirit because I wasn't trying hard enough. I went to a christian conference and was prayed for by many without my asking many put their hands on me. I was a bit uncomfy because I had been sexually abused as a child and was scared they could see into me and also not mad keen on physical contact.

But someone had a vision... They told me they saw a bottle half full of liquid and in the top part was dark smoke and asked if it meant anything. I said "No" and then the next day my christian friend said I was the bottle the liquid was the spirit and God wanted the dark smoke to come out of the bottle and for me to fill from half to completely full of his spirit but I had to get the smoke out. I thought she was perhaps deluded later especially when I smoked cannabis from bongs at Uni ( When I began to think back to the vision I concluded that someone was trying to guess if I had a drug problem and I hadn't spotted it because I never knew about bongs thus the vision was pure guessing games).

However, at the time of the vision I though "Yes I want to be filled but how " but finding nothing I left christianity for a life of drink drugs and lust at Uni.
But this last good friday when I was filled with his spirit here I was reminded of that vision and all was clear in God's time! He brought me here. That vision was over 10 years ago.. Mum said the weekend I felt touched by God that I had a glow from within I knew God was at work and was overjoyed.

I came here looking for healing for my mum and I found that I am healing and so has she. She wasn't cured of cancer but her soul was healed as was mine.

I came here after having asked God to take my life if he was taking mum's. He answered my prayer but spiritually instead of physically. I was scared to live because I couldn't bear the thought of losing my beautiful mum who has been the one constant and only person I deeply trusted. Now I see all the blessings God bestows upon me. I thought people were being false when they said they were blessed. God showed me how wrong I was.

Since good friday I have had soo much strength. I have been physically and spiritually strong. Caring for Mum with God carrying us both through it all. Such tough times.. he held me right up and I could be strong for Mum. My life has had clear purpose here. I was meant to be her strength. While I helped Mum she told me I was her rock. I know God was holding me firm so I was that to her. He was her rock. Hours before Mum passed on she opened her eyes and seemed to look into me and said .. That Kathryn is strong. She has the strength of two. I knew it was God. I replied ..yes I do Mum and so do you (she has found God too). I had asked for prayer here. I know now she is safe in heaven.

If you ever hurt by the devil whilst doing he work God has brought you to do here. Come back and read this for you have been given a great job. Jesus has touched me through your work together on this site and I am just one of thousands who come here. Guests and members are being touched by God. What a special purpose you have been given. So when you feel hurt by squabbles and gossip. See that the devil has only a tiny little look in and is always defeated by the thousands of lives God is touching.

I remember praying a prayer about Mum. I told God I was scared but trusted him with Mum. Shortly after she took a turn for the worst. I cannot believe I was given the faith to pray such a prayer.


I was watered. Placed in good soil and given the chance to grow.

Thank you Jesus

My next move is to find a church to learn more about the bible and grow a little more.

This is just from March to July as a member here and just a snippet of my whole story in this time... WOW HUH?

God Bless you in the work he sets you.

Love in Him

Kathryn aka Sleepy


August 2005

Since I wrote this I faced up to my abuser and felt a real freedom from guilt. We talked about it. He apologised after 16 years of secrecy and stress.

Also, I asked God for the strength to read at my mum's funeral and I did it with prayer support and the strength of his spirit. Mum's friends and mine were touched by the devotion I shared with them.

I am still being touched by God's love in my life daily. A testimony of a Christian could never end. It's a work in progress.

Praise God

Oh and I went to church on Sunday for the first time in years. My friend whom I dragged along was challenged by the sermon about faith and we had a long discussion after. He had come to support me but my mum's passing had challenged his faith, a strong faith and he was struggling. He asked for a sign and we were showered with shooting stars.
I ran away from home and had a breakdown. I did not know where i was going. I caught a train and got off who-knew-where at the time, i took no money, clothes or food. I loved God but could not deal with a lot of things at the time.

Two women saw me sitting on a bench. They happened to be Christians who were going to band practice. They spoke to me and took me to their church, i did not speak much at all. It was music rehersal night for them. I sat and listened. After this they took me to their parents home, i ate with them, i would only eat some tomatoes (goodness knows why) They gave me a bed at their home.
The next day they took me to a Salvation Army shelter where the lady was kind and didn't speak much. I remained there for a week until i felt 'earthed' enough to call home.

I was 19 and very afraid.

God knew exactly where i was and what state i was in. He brought Christians along at every stage to help me and look after me until i was well enough to go home. Anyone could have been walking along that road and saw me on the bench that evening...but God knew.

I love him so much...He is my life now and has been for the last 23 years

Praise his name!
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Thank you sleepy and theosebes for your testimonies. They are very powerful and full of GOD's greatness. GOD has always loved us since before we were born and knows all of our ins and outs.

I'm truly grateful for everything I have in my life, Praise GOD!
Thank you all for your testimonies . They are proof that Jesus Christ is alive and Lord ! :love: :boy_hug: Mike
These are beautiful testimonies Sleepy & Theosebes. I think when we post our testimonies, it is like a letter of love to our Father, don't you think?
My dad had a stroke 3 weeks ago. It as pretty serious. He also had a seizure then his heart stopped and he stopped breathing. The medical staff were able to revive him but he was in a coma for a few days. When he came to we were grateful that he still had his speech and his sight but he had lost the use of the right side of his body. It was not very long before he regained some movement in his hand but his leg was totally paralized... but all that has changed now.......

Good news my Dad can move his leg, praise God for that. I truly believe it was a miracle. Let me tell you how it goes..........On Sunday night I went to a healing service at a local church. They had a visiting minister from Zambia. He said that miracles were common place in Zambia. He preached from Matthew 8, which is a chapter about healing. Interestingly when Dad was in a critical condition and mum had to wait to see him, in the waiting room she picked up a bible and just opened it straight to Matthew 8. Later that same day Locky did the same thing and there it was again that same verse. Anyway I went forward for prayer and told him it was not for me but for my father. He said okay he would pray with me but I was to go home and do something. I was to pray over a hanky (based on Acts 19...where it says that Paul had such Holy Spirit power that people were healed even if just his handkerchief was placed on them). I was then to place it on my Dad's leg next time I visited him. I did exactly that. I went home, prayed over the hanky and then placed it in my bible in Matthew 8. The next evening I went to visit Dad. He had no movement at all in his leg. Totally zero. I placed the hanky on his leg and quietly claimed the promises of God about healing. Dad was dozing a bit so he didn’t even realise. I left the hanky there. In the morning dad noticed something in his bed and wondered what it was (the hanky) he reached down for it and as he did that he was suddenly aware that he could move more of his body than before. That's when things really started to click in. It was not long after that, that he could actually begin to move his leg. Mum was so excited she rang me at school (I was in the middle of teaching my Kinders). I was not really all that surprised actually because I was expecting God to do something. I do truly believe that God did a miracle and we are all soo grateful. He does not yet have full mobility but we have no doubt that he will. It’s quite an amazing recovery. (It’s only been 3 weeks). I think too though that this recovery is not because of prayers from one person but it is the result of lots and lots of people praying and all credit goes to God.
I posted this testimony in my journal but this might be a better place for it.
I just have to let you know what God has done for me this past few years. I have been a Christian for 34 years now since I was 12 years old. For 23 years I had agoraphobia (fear of going outside) and panic attacks. At my worst I couldn't leave my bed, let alone the house. The first 5 years I was able to get out sometimes but was always full of fear but the next 18 of those years were spent in the house. People had prayed for me constantly during this time, others came and went - prayed for me, couldn't understand why I was no better and left again. My pastor pretended I didn't exist. I was told I'd no faith etc. I hit rock bottom several times, I literally hung in there by a thread. Then 3 years ago in January past I really hit rock bottom and could see no way out. My son had started going to a different church and asked if his pastor could come and see me. Eventually I said yes. Something just 'felt' different this time. A few people came with the pastor and prayed with me. The difference was I was ready - it was God's time!!! I had decided if God said something, I believe it, that's it. So over the next few months with God's leading (some of the scriptures He gave me were unbelievable) I gradually started going out. The first time I actually went out He woke me up and gave me scriptures from 2 Chronicles to say I was going out the next day - I actually laughed, me going out next day. Sure enough I was out the next day. It was hard at first, but before I would go and when I was out I would quote "Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world". God is greater than satan. Eventually I was going out with no fear. I praise the Lord He has healed me. I can go where I want now free from fear. This was not something I could have conquered by myself. My doctor cannot believe what I am doing - he says he's never met anyone who has been as bad as I had been and can now do the things I'm doing. I have such a close relationship with my Father. He kept me all those years, even when I doubted Him. So no matter what you are going through, stick with God - He will have the answer. Although they were horrible years I wouldn't trade any of them for the healing I have received. I want to give God all the praise, honour and glory for this testimony. I love to see peoples reactions when they see me for the first time, not having seen me for over 20 years. I just love the Lord. Many years ago when I was still in the house my cry to God was from Psalm 27 "One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His temple." That is still my cry to God. I want to behold His beauty!!! I feel like shouting from the rooftops now "I love you Lord."
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Agent144 - that is so awesome. Our God is a great God. He's the great healer. I pray that He will continue the work He has started in your dad. Thank you for posting here.
My testimony began when i met my girlfriend (Now wife) she was from the northwest and me from the south west, but we both met in a city in the east of scotland, my wife was brought up in a christian home but was running from god and thought she would ask god into her life later, I was brought up a catholic, not practising but used it for identity reasons, well one night my wife said to me where do you think you will go when you die? i actually thoght that i wasnt that bad of a guy that i would go to heaven, however my wife had point blank said that she was on her way to hell, this started many conversations. One night i got a phone call my wife asked me to come round as she was feeling anxious this was a monday what happened over the next few days we will never forget, she was crying in anxious pain fearing and grabbed the bible for protection, a terrible conviction of sin had come over her, i was shocked and just tried to stay strong for her, but one thing i know for sure it was supernatural, my wife held out her hands after me reading from job and she repented, she saw a light from the lord saying "i forgive you my child" this when on for two whole days and nights (we never went into work) my wife was now born again, when i went into my work on the wednesday, i soaked up everything that went on the previous days as i had time on me own. I closed my office door and pleaded with god to come into my life, and instantly i felt the joy of knowing jesus for the firstime, Amazing.
We both came to the lord within a day or so of each other and then got married 5 weeks later, it was like god saying if you are going to get married you are going to do it Gods way.

Praise the Lord
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Jehovah Jireh said:
if you are going to get married you are going to do it Gods way.

Praise the Lord

Amen to that!

Great testimony. Nice to see you both making the greatest decision ever. Praise GOD for His mercy and love!
wow! I have been reading all of these testimonies and alot of them almost had me in tears! My heart feels so uplifted by how God brought each of you out of your troubles. Speaking of testimonies, when I started going back to church back in April, never in a million years would I have thought that my heart would be where it is right now. For years, I searched for happiness and my calling. Funny how I went through college (never finished) with no destination. I took different classes and could never figure out what I wanted to do. When I started going to church, I was led to help with the 4 and 5 year old classes on Wed. nights. This was something I had thought about doing, but I was pretty much pushed into doing it by my pastor. One thing led to another and before I knew it I am in a vocational school right now taking classes on Medical coding. This vision I had from God, because he knew that I was good at remembering codes and the fact that honestly I believe that he wants me to stay at home with my children awhile. You see the coding stuff I can do at home. Another vision that came to me was the fact that I was pushed to volunteer assisting with the 4-5 yr old classes on Wed. From that point on, I know that I want to finish college (when the kids are a little older) and get my degree in teaching. God has so far aligned my life with all these different Christians from church to touch my life. He is leading me to do wonderful things in HIS name. My husband and I are going through turbulent times right now with finances and with his family, but I have given it all to GOD. Everytime they spew hateful lies about me, I try to remember that God's shield is protecting me and that one day they will have to answer to him. As for the finances, GOD has a plan for me there too. I have been reading a book called "Jesus on Money" by Larry Burkett that has literally changed my whole attitude on money. You see some things I am learning since I have found Christ is that God doesn't mind us having wealth. We are to give to him first, save for ourselves second, and then do wonderful things for humanity. I get soooo excited when I talk about God and learn more and more about him each day. I can literally feel him in my soul and death does not seem scary anymore. I know that he has a plan for me and that he will use me to reach others find HIM. Thank you all so much for your testimonies. You have lifted my heart. Praise be to GOD ALMIGHTY!!! I Love you Heavenly FATHER ~~Lani
I was a very rebellious child and got as far as calling the police on my mother for beating me! I was told by the local gang that they would kill me the next time they saw me hanging out with the rival gang! I was almost strangled to death by a crazy boyfriend and that was after having slept with him!
I lived in a former prison inmates home after having traveled to Vegas to marry him directly out of prison, before I changed my mind and told him he was a punk and he beat me up! Ay ay ay!!! I am still trying to get rid of that terrible hardcore mentality.
It was twelve years exactly, while living with my third boyfriend, and after several miscarriages that I ran to the nearest hospital because I began bleeding. I was devastated and had just gone to the emergency room in Watts, Ca (one of the poorest, gang ridden cities in Los Angeles) the doctor told me to "forget about it" he said I had already had an x number of miscarriages and after the second one, chances of the "fetus" surviving were non-existent. In desperation, because of knowledge of how the Adventist Hospital in my area had helped someone else in my condition, I traveled there. Once I was there, I say a man who was helping an elderly woman with her appointment and he had a bible in his lap. I felt a stirring in the pit of my stomach, almost like an urgency of desperation, it was imminent that I get up and go now type of feeling. I did'nt and the man and the lady left to their appointment on a different floor. Ten minutes later, I felt that stirring again, and decided to get up and go. I went from floor to floor and found the man and I said to him "Are you a pastor or a teacher or something?" he said that he was a Sunday school teacher. I then said to him "I feel in my heart that I should ask you, will you pray for me? Will you ask God to let me have this baby and if he does, I'll become a Christian mother" I explained to him my situation, and he told me that he would, and if "God wanted me to have this baby, then he would, if He did'nt, then it was for the best" Well he did pray, and I went to my appointment and told the doctor what the Emergency doctor had said to me and he said that he would do everything in his power to save the baby!!!!!" I had surgery and was on bedrest for the entire time and I did get my baby!!!! I know in my mind that God heard my prayer through this man and answered the way I had asked him to.
I went home and lived at the home of the child's father and things were horrible! I had no peace!I knew that God was saying to me "I kept my part of the bargain, it's time for you to keep your's)After being beaten, I called a church and they came to pick me up, the pastor said if I did'nt leave, my son would turn out to be an alcoholic like his dad. I finally told him "that if he went to the new year's party and drank, then I would leave (he is an alcoholic) he said he was going and he was drinking and I was two months pregnant with my second child and I packed up everything and moved. life had been a long trip for me, I've fallen many times, got up and kept going. Life is not easy being a single mom, but I have seen God come through. I covet your prayers. Thank you
Chad said:
If you cannot see GOD's glory in my testimony then you need prayer. Please post a prayer request in the prayer forum if that is your case. You need to see GOD's ways clearly and for me, this is as clear as I've seen (of infinite other things that not 1% I can remember because the human brain cannot hold the full capapcity of GOD's glory and miracles)

God bless you.

lol...I'm glad that this thread got recently raised. There are great testimonies here.

I'd gotten glimpses of your testimony in other posts, Chad, but it is amazing to see the entire first call of someone who has so obvious a predestiny.

Just thinking about the favorite times GOD showed me that he is huge and personally there to give me a hand is a great reminder. Finding Talk Jesus is one of them. Thanks for your sharing you guys.