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Post Natal Depression


Hi everyone, I suffer badly from PND :( and have been for the last 3 years. I'd love to hear from other women who have been through this ordeal and have found a deeper faith in God through this.

I try really hard to give God the Glory He deserves for allowing me to suffer, but sometimes I find it sooo hard to keep going and stay alive. Sometimes my will to live is non-existant, despite councelling and medication and prayer and support.

My two children aged 3 and almost 2 are needing me to stay alive. Please email me at

if you can offer me any encouragement.

Staff Member
Please remember what Jesus did for YOU on the cross and that YOU sent Him to the cross as well. He went through pain because of you and I and everyone else. We cannot imagine His pain of being a perfect, sinless GOD turned into complete sin for our sake. Honestly, that is all I can say. I'm not sure what else to throw in. I will pray for you too.
My dear Faithful i hope you are reading this. As God is a faithful God and Jesus our Savor loves us so much,Lets thank him for helping us to be overcomers. Arise each day with a prayerful heart a heart of thanksgiving.......GOD is ALIVE and the devil is defeated.. Aman