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Talk Jesus: Has it helped you? Did you accept Christ after coming here?

  • I accepted Jesus after finding this site!

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  • I was going to commit suicide until GOD led me here!

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • I had major issues, GOD led me here and I'm joyful!

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • I left other so called Christian forums and now Talk Jesus is my new home!

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  • I was already saved, but Talk Jesus helps me stay up and joyful in Christ and my faith in Him

    Votes: 9 69.2%

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Staff Member
Greetings brothers and sisters!

Let us glorify GOD through Jesus Christ and build each other up!
Post your praise report! Praise GOD as you do sincerely and share your testimonies (yes, plural indeed)! Don't spend time fussing, arguing, grumping, gruding, etc.


Let's begin! Show newcomers what awesome miracles have happened right here on Talk Jesus! This is valid proof and due respect to our great awesome Savior Jesus Christ. Don't hold your great experiences with GOD. Share away!

Its a brand new day and the "same ol' day" where we are saved by Grace. Amen :)

Take the poll also please.

i came here, via ask jeeves and guidance from the Spirit, and in simple terms it is without question a wonderful site.

i have found it to be filled with love and generally acceptance

it is also a rare site in that it has an active chat room and an active forum, which work superbly together. for i will not talk ill of other places with which i have visited, but it is here that i will stay.

may the Lord bless you and all who come here, may we all find the truth and beauty that is the love of Christ; may we all share this in the fellowship that only Christ can manifest.

God bless

I have recovered in a very special way and learn and grow daily . . . Thanks to all of you attending here. . .

He is still God :love:

Gotta love Him for that
Staff Member
Thank you both for your fast replies. I just want to clarify that the so called Christian sites I was referring to are like Yahoo Chat rooms, other sites/ forums that have no TRUTH discipline or LOVE spirit within themselves. The frauds so to speak.

This thread is about glorifying our Savior Jesus and encouraging new comers with proof of great miracles that happen here.
I came here a saved, but defeated christian.

I was depressed, and having crazy thoughts. The devil really had me down. I could't find peace in my own heart.

I found it though by the Grace of God! The people on this site helped me so much. The deliverances I have witnessed on this site are enough to give me my breakthrough.

But I absolutely love it, and I tell chad all the time too! It is an awsome site!

God Bless
Sis in Christ:love:
Registered Member
Jesus is Lord!


It is my observation that the Talk Jesus web site is doing a wonderful job uniting Christians around the world. This is not an easy task for a nondenominational ministry.

When I founded the Burgeon Institute (2002) as a nondenominational school many Christians told me that it would not be successful. I was told that I had to serve a specific denomination because Christians will not agree with each other and cause factions among themselves. Guess what? The Burgeon Institute is very successful! Praise God!

I have witnessed a true fellowship of believers here at Talk Jesus.

My praise:

I am blessed to know that anytime, day or night, I have a place to fellowship with Brothers and Sisters around the world. Talk Jesus is a awesome ministry. Thank you.

Your Sister In Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie
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