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possible new section

i have been looking at all the different sections here and i like them all. this is a fantastic source of study and fellowship at all points.

there is hopwever one section i would like to see added. i have always thought that God had something more for me in store for my life. with everything He has brought me through i know this in my herat.

i am not rich but love learning. i would like to see a section dedicated to students at bible colleges or online courses out there. i have been trying to find a way to go to an online seminary to study the word of God and would like somewhere to get feedback on all the schools out there.

if there is a section that has this please let me know, maybe i am missing it. if not could you possibly think of a section like this.

To God be the Glory
Staff Member
There is already "Study the Word of GOD" section. Also, keep in mind brother that we are ALL here to study the Word of GOD, not just bible students :)

God bless you

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