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It's time to pause upon my journey
Sit down, ponder where I'm at
I have got into a tizzy
Mulling over this and that
I can let my feelings run me
Disregarding all He said
Or I walk upon the water
Keep my eyes on Him instead.

It's a choice that's far from easy
Dodgy whispers taunt my brain
Sanity is being bombarded
By a constant sad refrain
Humanly, I'm on a loser
Cannot see my own way out
But there's help from deep within me
I can hear a victory shout.

So it's back to equilibrium
Trusting Him for every breath
Choosing life despite the outlook
Keeping clear of certain death
All the times that He has helped me
Should convince me of His worth
Handing back my future to Him
He restores my absent mirth.
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