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Poison Ivy

Staff Member
Poison Ivy - September 12, 2005

"Jesus said 'I am the real vine' " John 15:1a

The other day I brushed against some poison ivy leaves, and being very allergic to this plant, I checked my skin carefully. I looked for the droplets of moisture that spread the annoying toxin of the plant. I then noticed a large mass of the plant's foliage around the base of a tree. There was a thick vine of it growing up the tree trunk. Having my small ax handy, I decided to cut that vine at the base of the tree. When I did this, to my surprise, an amazing amount of liquid substance squirted everywhere.

I remember Jesus said," I am the vine, you are the branches," and I began to consider what had transpired with the poison ivy plant. When I touched the leaves, some of the residue rubbed off on me. When I cut the vine, the fluid abundantly spewed forth. The leaves represented the branches: Christians. The vine, of course, was Jesus. Having contact with other Christians is beneficial and pleasing to God. However, it is so much better to go directly to the source, Jesus, and to tap into His love, care, goodness and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, Jesus, that you can use poison ivy to remind me of the mighty and powerful reserve You make available to me, and to all those who believe You were sent by God to save and redeem mankind.

Contributed by Marion Smith