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Oh what love is this, that has me fixed, on this thing they call His Grace?
But this problem that I find myself in, is no one's fault but my own.
I sometimes wonder why doesn't He blast me out of this world in
justice and rage? For I have transgressed against my God, I have
forsaken His Holy Law. I have betrayed the one who died for me,
I have made a mockery of His Grace. I have said, will the Lord truly
punish me, will I truly have consequences for my actions. But
in love His correction comforts me, and I am reminded of the boundaries
that are real. Boundaries though I have crossed, in His Grace He allows me to heal.

Oh what manner of Love is this, that has me fixed, on this wonderful Love
which has me in this place. A place of faith and a place a trust. It is a place
where to stay I must. I must believe, that He wishes me no harm. I must believe
that He hold me in His heart as a charm.

Of course I'm not worthy, which makes it slightly awkward, but then I rush to grab
it because I know without it I cannot stand. Without His Grace, My Lord this would
not work. For I would either destroy myself or I would be destroyed by thee. I would destroy
myself because if you did not correct my error, reminding me of the dangers
ahead; I would continue to wallow in sin, until my soul was dead. Or upon the other end
of things, I would be destroyed by you in the twinkling of an eye. With no time to repent
and very limited patience until your mercy well would run dry.

But I lift up my eyes and I lift up my hands, and I give Praise for your Grace and in the
privacy of my heart I stand up and dance. Perhaps I should dance like David did, perhaps
I should run in the streets and scream at the top of my lungs. Perhaps I should broadcast
to the world that this Love is real, and only God can deliver, this is truly how I feel. God you are relentless, pulling love arrows from your endless quiver. Every morning they are being shot into my heart, and I receive your Grace giving each day a new start. Bold Grace, Flagrant Grace. Sweet Grace, Free Grace. Grace bought with the precious blood of your Son Jesus the Christ. Grace that cannot be bought no matter the price.

Lord I thank you for your Grace, what a wonderful time to be alive. As said by Peter in Matthew 17:4,
Lord it is good for us to be here, but I hear the Lord saying don't shut the front door. I'm reminded that receiving your Grace is great, but it purpose is beyond just me , for you desire for me to share it to everyone
and give it to them for free.

So to receive your mercy, I need to be mindful of being merciful to everyone else, because
if I don't, than there is no one to blame but myself. So filled up on your love I am ready to share love with others, because blessed are the merciful and all those who believe, because mercy and love they truly will receive.