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Poem by Helen 'No allegiance.'

You lured me away from the simple truth,
As you covered my heart with a veil.
You led me astray in the cruellest way,
For you wanted my life to fail.

You're the master of lies, so you play your part,
And you set me up very well,
But I turned my face when I found the grace
To resist the road to hell.

I joined with one from another world,
Where truth is the only way,
And this lover of mine is so divine
That I serve him every day.

He freed my spirit and washed my brain
Of all your clever deceit,
Yet long years on, though your hold has gone,
You cannot accept defeat.

You try again to disturb my thoughts,
And take my joy away,
But your bitter sting, and the pain it brings,
Is lost on me today.

I have no allegiance to you and yours,
And dismiss you from my sight,
For without your kind I'm no longer blind,
And my heart is filled with light.

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