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PloughBoy's Bible reading's of The pass 7 day's

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Beginning Jan. 6-12, 2021
over viewed reading, refreshed the Whole Books of "Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Amos, Judges, Joshua, and 1 Samuel " OT Books. "For reminding me of what "The True GOD" did." and His promises what He is going to do. AND a reminder of His Character.:eyes: because we forget so quickly. By being Influenue by 'The God" of our Imaginations.
Patial viewed" books this week: Genesis,Nahum,

The hew testatment Books: Overview the whole books of "Revelation, Thessalonians, The 3 Elect Ladies, Jube, Ephesians, Galatians, Acts, Philippians,,
Patial views this past week means events in these books that took place. Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John. THE SYNOTICS APPROACHED, and The deity approach.. in which my favorite gospel is accordingly to John. and many know why.

and a host of "Bibical verses" i cannot number or keep track for the last 7 days in thoughts and views. Let along "Biblical Lectures" on "words" and meanings, for refresh. while meditating on cultures as well within the thoughts of the text. And I will say this type of studying is not normal, as "Jonathan Edwards" have given Reference to "Jean Cauvin" statement "Let not that one fear, or be discourage, it is a gift from God".

tonight most likely, 'zephaniah', zechariah, i have been thinking about those two for a while and what they represent. i have not visited them in a while, in written word but only in mind and spirit.

This is only for The Edification of "The Saints of The Living GOD" and not the world. and nothing special.

And "Elders" I call Upon you, now. if lead , and In secret.:pensive:
zephaniah Zechariah, Haggai and half of the book of genesis. Refresh. 1/14/21.

NEXT READ WILL BE Most likely Nahum, Micah, Joel and 2 Samauel of OT books as whole for refresh only.
Not sure what NT. Reads will be, for NT books always run around in our heads, like involuntary muscles.
So far, going over the Book of Numbers for the 2nd time in the last 2 days. I think i will make a 3 third read today 1/17/21. Before tomorrow.