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Staff Member
I came up with this idea to add this forum where anyone and everyone who has come to Christ because of this site (no pride intended) they may post this. The whole purpose and only purpose of this is to encourage others to remain strong in faith and for non-believers who visit to come to Christ and be saved as well. If one is saved my job is done. But, I will never "retire" until the last breath I take. Every effort I put is my Praise and "thank you" to Jesus Christ. Amen :)

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God Bless :!:
Had some amazing advice from a christian in the chat room. Finding this site was a prayer answered. I have little contact with fellow christians mainly because i hide a lot and am frightened to stand out from the crowd though i have wonderful and understanding friends all around me. I have a immature spirit and needed to understand God more as i feel in constant inner turmoil. I found some peace here and am learning from others just by listening to chat. Thank you ever so much.
This place is good. I hope many come here and seek God too. It's always great to be able to save souls, especially with other fellow Christians right with you.

Of course church fellowship is essential...but even being here is cool.