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please read , prays needed

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hi all
can you please pray for me as today had bin the worst day of my life my bf has dump me and I'm really broken cos of it . please can you pray that jesus will heal my heart and that he will be close to me in this hard time. thanks
You'll be in my prayers; I know exactly what you are and will be going through. Around two or so years ago, my ex boyfriend broke up with me (by e-mail after three years of being together!) very suddenly, and I was shattered; he was my first partner so I was devastated. It took a long time for me to recover (met my current boyfriend six or more months later, I think), but that dark time taught me a lot of things. It was during that time I found Christ the first time, and with his help I made it through.

Be strong, for the coming time will be tough but so valuable in learning about yourself, and how to be strong on your own. If you ever need to talk, we're here. <3
Psalm147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

I know right now it feels as if the pain will never ease or go away, but God is there and will heal your broken heart and He will dry your tears and ease your pain. Give it all to God and let Him know how you are feeling He is there. I will be praying and knowing that God is giving you the peace, comfort and love that you so need right now and that He is bringing you through this trial and mending your broken heart. You are not alone you are with God and are being prayed for by many.

May God's blessings fall upon you like rain from heaven and fill you to overflowing.

thank you all for you help and prays . I'm really hurt by him cos he said he wanted to sort some things out when I find out that he in love with another girl I feel so so cheated by him , this is what's making it worst for me as I'm finding everyday hard to live . please can you pray for me that I will be heal.
For Christ! First, peace be with you sister!! Do not be anxious,it is his loss!!!! Not your loss!! I understand the hurt feeling!! I have been betrayed as well in my life,and everyone who is in Christ Jesus has,or will also be betrayed!( luke 22:48) People in the World call this a breakup,but make no mistake it is being betrayed! You shared things with this person, you did not anyone else,because of the love you had for this person. Do not even think of doing what Judas did.Jesus sure never did that! And Jesus was betrayed by more then one person!!

When the time came to be put up on the cross, who was with him then???( matt 26:56!!) It is unfortunate that we have this promise as well.But we do. The world can mean many, or even one person as you know.( John 15:18-20) SO!!! Now for you personal!! I learned the hard way myself sister, that when we look to place another before our Lord,an idol is present,it may not be an idol we worship as such,but we give our time so much to another person,that when they hurt us,we feel as if Jesus has hurt us.But Jesus never does such things! We have rather hurt our Lord by not giving him enough of our time. It is what I call the day of self examination.( 2 Cor 13:5)

It is a time dear sister to draw nearer to our Jesus, not for only comfort, as he surly does love you so very much! But a time to reflect on the lessons we have now learned,and how when the next special someone comes along, and they will sis,that we remember our time to our Lord is most precious not only to us,but also to our Lord! Feeling our part of our flesh,we cannot help having them! And they sure do have a purpose!!BUT!!! Not in trusting our Lord Jesus with! So now you have to do something difficult! 1. Forgive him,and his stupidity! (Matt 18:21-35) I know!! But brother mark he hurt me real bad!!I know this!! But what good is staying hurt going to do for you?? 2. Pray for him,believe me!! When the Lord gets into this,he will wish he never ever hurt you!!( rom 12:16-21!!!) Do you think after you pray for him,and the Lord sees not only your love for Him, but that another hurt you,God will not take action??LOL!!!! OH yes he will sister!! In a big way!

I feel sorry for him!!He has no idea what the Lord Jesus does to people who act like Judas!!( matt 26:24) There may come a time real soon he will come back to you asking you to forgive him! I sure never pray for harm to come upon another!! NEVER!!! THAT!! But rather for God to show this person what feeling hurt is like! Seems like many never understand this,until they themselves have become hurt by another! A tough lesson for both parties involved! We love you sister!! And I personally am praying for you comfort,and peace of mind in this matter.But be not deceived God is not mocked!!( gal 6:7-10!!)

I present the Word to you sister, not to boast in my knowledge,but to show you Jesus is not just a belief,Jesus is MOST REAL! Even as we are also real through him,and bless God by him! Now a personal message to you from Holy Spirit in me. Please do judge this for yourself!! James 4:5-17 God LOVES YOU!! He always has!! Just how much he really has loved you, is up to us to find out through his Word he gave to us!But as a personal friend to our Jesus I will get you started in understanding this!! ( john 15:11-17!!) The nature of Jesus is TO LOVE!! Then speak it! For words have greater power when one sees, then hears. So go do likewise.Someone will be most blessed having you around them! I sure know we are most glad for you sister!! So wipe those tears away,and know this!! YOU ARE LOVED!! By God,and!!! by us his very children!! Hugs in Jesus,your brother in Christ mark.

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