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Please read and take "The State of Theology Survey" there is a "UK" one too, taken in 2018". and to see your comparative results.

The survey is nice. especially when you take it. then see your comparative results with others. and then you can also see the difference between the "UK" and the "USA". Survey. It is not hard finding your way around the website. Just read down the article until you see "Take the survey" then click it.

In the late 70's, the saying was like this: a person could tell his own "spiritual health condiction" by his "spiritual diet" of what, that person fed himself and how much that "person" ate. "Bread of Life" that fed their "spiritual body", everyday. You fed your natural body and your "spiritual body". What was n your natural plate and what was on your spiritual plate. Example: The Bible main course, "You had maybe a good portion of the Old Testament, Maybe in the "Pentateuch" would be the "meat", and a little portion of "wisdom and poetry" section. [veggies]. for desert "The Prophets". and before going to sleep and little bit of "New Testament" wine. and in the morning a little more wisdom to begin your day. We had time to do it. because we prayed for time to do it. And we would talk about how we had time to do these and that "GOD" must have stop time, so we could do it. It was like this everyday. Then somedays God would keep you in the New Testament. It was like that everyday. If you miss a meal, you became hungry! it would feel like you are starving to death. At lunch at work you have to eat. you would keep a pocket NT and have it for when you went to the bathroom. It seems like every christian you knew was doing this. It was a practice when people are naturally sick they can hardly eat naturally and their intake was little. Same it was naturally, same it was "spiritually" a "spiritually sick person" cannot eat much and regularly. So, our temperature and spiritual condiction was base upon our "diet" that would feed our spiritual body. And sometimes, some would say, that the "meat" is good but could you put a little gravy on it! Another would say, bring on the "Sweet Potato"! It actuality, they would be talking about "The Word of God"! I miss those days, Today the "word of God" that people delivers and how they talk about God is dry and worldly with no life. All the delivery is in The Flesh" I never in these days and time hear a christian say, they "Love the Word of God" i never hear it. I never hear christians say they even 'LOVE GOD" anymore and you can tell by the way they talk, they have no love for Him anymore. The numbers are so few. The way they speak, is like God is dead in them. I do remember the time you knew a person love God and Jesus, by the way they called His name. "Take the Survey test" which one is more important to you, this one or "Covid-19"?

Check you spiritual temperature.

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