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Please pray..

Well my friend told me that her mom MIGHT have bone cancer. She siad the more cancer he mom might have the more posibility that she could get it since it runs in the genes. I ask that you all pray for her and her mother. I would hate to see her get it. She is only 13 . Thank you,

Frozentears, I will pray for your friend & her mom. The tendency to get cancer is sometimes inherited & it isn't for all types of cancer. Tell your friend to not dwell on the negative possibilities. Is she saved? God gives us perfect peace in all situations if our hearts will only allow it. When doubts come to her mind - or to your's - praise God for His peace & for the health He has given to her. It'll chase the doubts away.
I'm not sure if she is or not... I know her but not that well since I barely see her. I knew her about 3 years ago, since she only lived where I lived for a year. And now we talk online a lot. I saw her a few weeks ago when she was visiting but only for about an hour. I only found out about her mom and stuff today. I know it's just hard becuase I know someone who past away from cancer and I have a relative who has it who I think is saved.
You're welcome. It might be a good time to talk about Jesus. She's scared & must feel alone without Him. I know she has you & that may be why God put you together. I'll pray that her heart will be softened to receive whatever God gives you to say. Even if she is saved, she may be having doubts. People sometimes do when faced with sickness...their own or someone close.

You're a very good friend to bring her need before other believers. God will honor that.
Yeah I think I will talk to her, It's just wierd to do it on msn and stuff. Once again thanks though

God bless


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