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Please pray for this family

We are a christian family and has great financial debts due to business failure. Father and mother work and run around day and even night tirelessly to cope with the pressure and demands. Father suffers from diabetes and is weak, doctor advised rest, but he has been working and bearing tension that is immeasurable for many years. Mother is the strenght for dad, but I know she weep everyday when all went to sleep, but she knew that she has to be strong for the sake of the children and dad. Children are still young - 6 in numbers - in school and college(1).
I am the eldest(Engg Grad.) and works as Software Engineer far away from home. Recently, got a better job but not able to help so much. I feel like getting married too. But with half our land/plot gone and still more to go and yet large debts to remain and with the current problems, I dont stand a chance. I dont know what the future holds.

I feel a lot of pain when I think of what/how our family is going through and the future. Temptation is quite strong in my personal life too. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY, TO FIND WAYS AND MEANS TO THE PROBLEM AND THAT THIS PHASE WILL BE LIFE TRANSFORMING IN BRINGING ABOUT MORE UNDERSTANDING OF HIS GREATNESS. Thanking you all.
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