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Please pray for my wife

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I ask you to please say a prayer for my wife, to acquire wisdom and knowledge in abundance of what to do with her life and calling. She has given of herself selflessly, over and over again, to her family as well as many others. She is exhausted, she works so very hard.
Direction and peace she needs so badly. She needs a break from it all. She's a prayerful person herself, praying even all through the night at times, on behalf of others. Sacrificing herself to no end. I know this will work out for the benefit of many.
May you be returned many times what you give. Thank you, amen.
[F]Lord I present you my sister in Christ. I lift her up and ask you to open her spiritual eyes to see your path. Bless her with your divine wisdom and guidance; she her where you want to take her.

I pray that you bless her abundantly and give her double for her trouble. We know your word says that you have come to give us life and life to the fullest (John 10:10). May she see your word come to pass in her life. Bless her family and friends. Use others to bless her Lord. You see her sacrifice and because she humbled herself in the private, you will exalt her in the public.

Lord I thank you for your goodness and pray that you continue to use her for your glory.

In the name of Jesus
Father I pray in the Name of Jesus that by your mercies you intervene in this woman's life. I ask you to minister to her heart your wisdom and calling. May she be clear as to how to fulfill the calling you have for her. May she be strengthened in her daily walk with you, knowing just how to serve you.
InnHisLove: Sorry I found this thread more than two months after you started it. Question - You say your wife gives selflessly to others and prays for them a lot. Has she ever surrendered her will and her life to Jesus Christ? If not, that may be the answer to the problem

If God's not in charge of our lives, we're pretty much left to muddle along all on our own even when we really want to do good, and that is v-e-r-y f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-n-g!

SpiritLedEd (SLE)
What Ed said

The same thought came to my mind. It *is* possible to give selfishly.

My aunt is one to always give and give and give for people. But she does a great deal of it according to *her* ideas of what she should do and it wears her down because she doesn't always stop to ask God what His take on the situation is. It took heart failure to finally slow her down :(. I have often wondered how different her health would be if she had kept at least the spirit of the command to *rest* on the Sabbath.

The Lord commands us to give, and there will *always* be another person who needs help. But we have to remember that He also commands us to "feast" on the Spirit of His Word and care for our flesh as well.

Sometimes, giving too much is a sign of spiritual struggle. Many people pray abundantly for others, but lack the faith to pray or ask for themselves. This is not the full relationship the Lord would have with us. He wants us to be there for others, certainly, but also to interact with Him directly on our own behalfs.


Heavenly father, please speak to this good sister, and remind her of the holiness of *rest* at the appropriate time. Guide her in wisdom to work according to Your will, to give as You inspire her, and take as You teach her to recognize she needs. In Jesus' name I pray.


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