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Please pray for my son

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I have a son who is 15. He may or may not be a homosexual. He is for sure Bi-sexual. We pray that he will not be homosexual when he grows up. There are very many contributing factors for this. My son was molested at the age of 5 by a man who was a very close friend of the family. My son does not have a father, he is alive but never showed any interest in being a father to him. My son has been raised by women, me , my mother, and my sister have all been there since birth. I am a very young mother, I was 16 when he was born, and have raised him with my mother mostly since.
Since my son was molested @ age 5, he too has perpetrated against other children, boys only. At age 12 he molested my younger son, and stepson, and consequently is now in a sexual offender treatment program, he has been there for 11 months, and has atleast 7 to go depending on his progress. Progress has been very slow going for him due to his inability to take responsibility for his own actions. He is getting better just in the last month, and is finally making some progress.
We would appreciate any prayers for this matter, we are praying for a full recovery, and for him to get as much out of this program as possible for him to lead a healthy, successful, and productive life. Please pray for his sexuality, as well, at this point it could go either way, and we want him to be heterosexual, by gods law, and for his own acceptance in this world.
Dear sister - please remember the harm caused by the evil man who molested your son and his subsequent actions are as a direct result of this dreadful act. In time the caring professionals will help heal the hurt but the consequences of abuse have turned hin into a victim. Unfortunately others have suffered too but he could not control his behaviour. May God help him and you his loving family so that his innocenvce, so cruelly taken, will return and he will lead a normal life just as we are all entitled to.I have been a victim so I am well placed to understand the confusion he feels. My heart goes out to you and I pray that the Lord will help all of you.

My Prayers are With You

:rose: Pauladblessed, what a hard load you are carrying. You beautifully express your love for your son, with the gift of the Holy Spirit writing with you. Your letter shows your beautiful love. I pray that this love captures the heart of your son and helps him deal with his own internal confusion and anguish. The scarring of a young child is monstrous and God loves His young children. You sound like a very kind and understanding mother and I admire you for your courage and your determination not to give up on your son. As andrewnicholas said, he is a victim and anything he has done, is a reflection of the scars of his own wounds that he carries. With all that turmoil in him, he is still a child, a very lost and confused one. I have prayed for you and I do it with my whole heart. The saddest thing that I ever see, is child victims of sexual abuse. See it takes all the beauty from an act that God intended to be a perfect sharing of man and wife and leaves the child robbed of the beauty of the gift that sexuality is. It just empties a child and detatches him/her from the gift of a loving union, or the knowldedge that unions are loving. At 5 years old, your poor dear child, lost the capacity to understand the emotional depth and beauty of love between man and wife and I am so sorry that this happened. I pray that his emotional confusion ends and that he comes to some term of respect for his own self and I pray that Jesus reaches into him, to draw out the poison and replace it with the gift of the love of the Holy Spirit within him. Best of love and much compassion and understanding for you pauladblessed. I pray that your son conquers his own inner turmoil, guided by your prayers and love for him. You sound like a beautiful mother. God loves good mother's. Heart hugs for you. Amen :rose:
Thank you

Thank you so much for all your kind words and your precious prayers they are very much needed and appriciated. It is so nice to know that there are compasionate people who truly care enough to pray and show concern for someone they don't even know. GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Thank you,

prayers answered

Today I drove the 2 hours to see my son, for our monthly, Family Therapy Sessions, and praise jesus, he is doing so much better, making incredible progress better than ever before!!! Things that he was talking about are things he would never say before, accepting responsibility, remorse, and actually admitting that he does have problems and really wanting to work on them and working on them!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!
Please pray for the healing of my mother and I for our issues with co dependency with him and eachother and also individualizing ourselves from one another. all I want is to better myself as much as possible, in order to help him recover as well as my continued recovery with my own X-demons and issues.

Thank you,
Sweet Healing

:rose: Pauladblessed: You are so sweet in the way you are taking care of this situaion. I am still praying for you and I understand the emotional difficulties that you, your mother and your son are going through. I understand co-dependency too. Smiles for you, that your son seemed to be improving. Prayer really does work and I would love our prayers to open the doors of your son's heart. I hate the fact that your son was abused in his childhood and I still believe at 15, he is still reeling from the terrible experience. How wrong he must of felt when it happened. Jesus hates children being abused and I am so sure that He would love to heal the rift in your son's soul. I pray for you and your family. I just pray that the Lord takes over his life and restores him. I pray for your other children too, that they cope with whatever tadgedy was brought on them. I am glad you had a good visit with your son. If I lived near you, I would go with you. Let him know that folks are praying for him okay and these folks are not strangers, they are friends in Christ. Thanks for reaching out for help. You warmth shows through in your letters. God bless your family and may the Lord take the heartache and stress from your life. Amen:rose:


Dear Paula, I know a mother's heart. I just want to tell you that we have complete victory through HIM who loved us ! I pray that you have enough strength and wisdom to cope with things round you , trust and you will surely succeed.

Your family are in my prayers.
Dear friend,
Praying for you, your son, and extended family, and all those involved in taking care of you.
God is good, and His grace will surely be sufficient for you...
We are with you sister - every step of the way. God is working in your son's life and he is receiving the help he needs and he will respond positively. Dont lose heart - God will renew your courage and this lovely boy will continue to mature and develop into a fine young man. God Bless.

my prayer for you

our Father send his son, into this world to die ffor our sins. so that we could have life and have it more abundantly. Father i bring up this situation before you i no other name but the name of JESUS, and God i ask o LORD that you put a peace into the hearts of those who are trouble oh God be strong when they are weak because God u said in your Word that you are able to do exceedingly abundabtly above all we may ask or think we claim victory over this situation in the mighty name of JESUS. Amen

his words also say that death and life lies in the power of the tongue.

I speak peace into your life in the name of JESUS
I speak Deliverance In the name of JESUS.
For he is your Jehovah Nissi your deliverer.

oh and he did say that all things work together for good to them that love him. so Paula just love him like you never have before, stand still and you will see the mighty power of God move in your life.

blessed be the name of JESUS for he is worthy of all the glory , we love you Father.. halleilujah.

never lose your joy
Holy, we need You in Pauladblessed's sons heart

:rose: So happy you are seeing a bit of light in your son. Wrote you a p.m. and made a few mistakes. Not my day for thinking straight. I really understand Paulablessed. A mother's worst nightmare. Jesus is with you and I pray that the love of God moves in your son's heart. Holy Spirit, I love You so much. Please help change Paulablessed son, from the inside out and bring him back to a healthier world to live in. Let him recover and become wise through his experience. Let wisdom teach him how valuable the lessons he has learnt can be and how he can overcome this and be a great help to others. Amen:rose:
Thank you

Thank you all for your prayers, we all know how powerful prayer is in numbers and I thank you all.
I am truly blessed!!! GOD blesses me everyday, in so many ways!!! As are all of you and your prayers blessings from GOD!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, there is truly so much to be thankful for!!!
My lil 8 month old lil girl is having her first cold ever, a lil fever, runny nose, and all that, I can tell she feels miserable. She is waking from her nap, I gotta go give her some TLC!

Thank you again for all your encouraging, and kind words, and precious prayers!!!!

Thank you God for your blessings and miraculous work in Paula's son. Continue to soften his heart and heal his wounds from the past, so that he will be a strong and healthy young man for Your sake. Bless him with continued desire to be restored and work in him for renewal by your Spirit of power and love and a sound mind. Bless paula and her family with healing of their spirits. Thank you, Lord, for the work you have done in them and the continued healing and restoration you wil provide. Thank You, God, for Your love, through Jesus, Amen.

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