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Please pray for my family and me earnestly

I am in so much torment right now, I am pouring tears out towards Yeshua begging for Him to save my family and have pity.

These few years Satan has relentlessly attacked my family and I. We faced a godless man who is trying to cause financial losses to my family and despite us trying to take a step back and not avenge, he is not stepping down with his evil intentions to set us up financially.

I have been driven many times to have suicidal thoughts because of how angry I am that my family is in this predicament. Peace has been taken away and I’m so lonely trying to deal with all this. Please, I need your prayers, support and love. Only the Lord Yeshua can deliver my family. Please pray that He will not let me see my family suffer. It literally drives me insane!

If it was just me being persecuted and ill-treated I don’t get so mad like I’m losing my mind. I just cannot see tragedy befall my family again, even if it’s just financially. This evil man is trying to rob us of what never belonged to him. I would not be writing this at all if it’s about me alone becoming a martyr or what for the Lord. I would actually be happy. But seeing my family treated like this by an evil stranger, it tears me up on the inside.

Help, esp if you hear from the Lord and know what He has planned. Please I need encouragement!
I have not slept for an entire day I don’t know how long I can last like this! Where are you God and Lord Jesus?
And look to the Arthur of our salvation He is Our example how to endure such suffering and pain and The Apostle Paul said follow me as I follow Christ for they are our examples of enduring pain and sufferings for which we have been appointed to go through. “My LORD, my LORD, why have you forsaken me” He cried”! All of us who are the True Children of GOD must go through great pain and suffering before we enter into The True Kingdom of GOD! You are not alone. We all share in that type of Fellowship of The Purifying Fire of The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! “As I Go Through The Valley of The Shadows of Death, Thou are with me. “Hope” not feelings produces True Faith!

“Faith is the substances “Hope” for the evidence of things not seen.

You do not fight this type of battle you rest in it. And trust GOD no matter what the outcome maybe.:pensive:

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