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Please pray for my family and I

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Rose, Oct 25, 2016.

  1. I have a beautiful daughter I've been praying will meet a good Christian man. Please pray for this. My son needs to succeed in business, and have his eyes opened to the truth of his wife and her mother being manipulators - and to heal all relationships. My youngest needs to turn to God. My husband is stressed working and taking care of me. I need healing from a surgical nightmare. I have been forgotten, so I'm looking to meet Christian's online. I would appreciate everyones prayers.
  2. Praying for your situation now!
  3. Thank you! The needs are great.
  4. My heart goes out to you and your husband. That's one thing God has provided for you. I can relate to some of your concerns although from a different perspective. Near the end of August, my youngest son sends me a suicide note via email. Well, actually two, with the second saying he didn't carry it out. He also sent one to his brother who immediately called the authorities and my boy is now in a mental health facility and will likely be there for some time. About the middle of September, my wife and best friend passed away. She and I had spent a lot of quality time taking her into dialysis and then heading to work with her finding her own way home. The Good Lord always provided her a ride home. Above that, i now have people looking for money to pay their bills thinking I'm flush with cash. I wish!

    While some things will remain left undone for a while, I've been very fortunate to have had some good people to deal with to try work through this. While, the Good Lord doesn't owe me any favours, he has been more than kind. Unfortunately, I also managed to alienate some people along the way by failing to mention them during my eulogy. I wish it were different, but it's not. As I often say, I don't need help getting into trouble; I can do that very well all by myself.

    Look after the little things, Luv, and the big things will look after themselves. Teach your daughter the type of person she should look for as its ultimately her decision. There is a reason why some members of the family are called outlaws vice in-laws. Succeeding in work is important, but his marriage is more important especially if we're to believe its been sanctified by God. Encourage him to get his and his wife's heart right with God. He will do the rest. Cheers, John Phil 4:8
  5. Rose,

    Never lose heart, even when things look dim. God is bigger than any circumstance, and I've heard it said - "The greater the test/trial/healing, the greater the testimony." I will lift you and your family, all the issues you listed, up in prayer, commanding everything to be made "right/healed" in the name of Jesus. All manner of healing that needs to occur from the surgery, be made "right", and happen "now." Pain be gone, all residual effects that are incorrect, be made "proper" now. Be reset to "factory specs" in the name of Jesus.

    ALL family issues, your husbands issues, your children's situations, I speak to any evil influence that may be operating/oppressing here, and I command it to GO - in Jesus' name. Go - and do not return. God wants us to walk in divine health, and also divine harmony, this is nothing more than multiple attacks from an enemy that has already lost the war, he's simply waging a battle, a last ditch effort against you and yours. Remain strong in your faith, I encourage you to pull down any/all strongholds and take every idle thought, depressing thought, all worry, etc. captive and make it obedient to Christ. God Bless.
  6. I am so sorry to hear of your troubles as well. I hope you got legal representation for you son - the same thing happened to my cousin. She was having a difficult time, and made a passing remark "this is it" after her dog died, and she was involuntarily put in a mental institution. I called the public defender's office to help, but she was released after 3 days.

    Maybe I can help you. All I do is research from the time I awake, until sleep, how to heal myself. Depression is linked to a damaged gut micro biome. If you have never studied it, it won't make sense to you. Certain probiotics have the ability to eradicate depression, as does vitamin D. Depression is often NOT a mental disorder - it is a physical disorder. And given the bad diets teens eat, it's no wonder. Let me know, and I can find out which ones to recommend you give your son. I planned a protocol for my friend's daughter, and for my daughter.

    I too have alienated people! It was not due to being mean, I was trying to help and it was taken wrong. But yes, I feel the effects of my incomplete following of the Lord, and He's letting me feel it - or move in another direction. Which is how I wound up here. My daughter is looking for a godly man - God just hasn't allowed it to happen. I'm before His throne constantly. And you're right about the terms used with those brought into your family through marriage. I've tried so hard to be nice to her, but she only wants my son and her family. Unfortunately - he never calls or visits. Neither does my youngest. But a verse came to me: "...people hate the light because it reveals their evil deeds..." I speak the truth - and people don't want to hear the truth. So I can lie and stay in their good braces, or I can live the truth. Truth is important to me and that's what God requires.
  7. Glad to pray for you sister! God cares about you and all these people, and will do what He can to convict them.
  8. Good morning Rose;
    I don't doubt the issues which can cause depression can be genetic, and apparently such traits run in my family according to my brother. Some people handle stress better than others, and some simply have too much time to over analyze trivial things blowing them out of proportion to reality. In the case of my son, he has all the answers to everything except how to get and keep a job. He doesn't handle stress well. He seems to be in a good place to take care of him for now. But, he also owes several months rent and needs to pay back student loans which he wasted.

    While it's true that some people really don't like hearing what they need to hear, I take the words "speak the truth" with a grain of salt. Not because they aren't the truth, but because of the manner of delivery. I don't say that to discourage you, but I have dealt with a chap online who always complained of people who rejected the truth of his preaching. The reality was that he is difficult to get along with and they rejected him. I kid you not, he had even resorted to cursing people in the name of Jesus Christ according to his interpretation of Gal 1:8. He has done that twice to me. Yet, he considers himself to be a true minister of the Gospel. I don't recall reading anywhere in the Bible of someone doing such a thing. It's like wishing some one a bad flight on an aircraft. Do the math.

    God wants us to have joy in our hearts and lives. Not just in good times, but even through the bad times knowing that He is in control of shaping events. I suppose the best example of this was my paternal grandmother who would spend much of her time singing hymns while dealing with my Dad who would typically pick her apart on a number of issues. I recall that she hung a small plaque which read, "Boys will be boys, and so will some men". Whenever my Dad became overbearing, she would walk over, point at it, and smile back at him. There wasn't much he could say back to her after that. She often left the dinner table very upset after his tirades. My boys are the same to their mother who was my first wife. Not ducking blame, but I didn't encourage such an action as I felt their anger was unwarranted toward her WRT her belief in God. Somewhere they felt both an anger and a superiority. Well, she has got on with life and seems content while my boys seemed to have stalled and aren't happy about it. You can lead a horse to water, but it won't drink until it gets thirsty.

    I'm just an old sailor and thank you for spending some time with me. And the best part, we can both tell our mothers. Keep your heart focused on God and His will for your life. Regardless of events, He is still in charge, but it's up to us to work with Him in seeing that His will be done by being a good role model for the Kingdom. Phil 4:8. Cheers, John
  9. Thank you very much!

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