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please pray for my cousin

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My cousin has been accidented a pick up car hit accidentally hit her and she has brought now in hospital,please pray for her that she will be goin fine, i do not see her situation but i think its complicated coz my uncle seems to be very terrified by the accident.Please pray for her that she may be fine.
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Father I thank you that You are in control. I bring this situation to You now. You know the end from the beginning. I pray that Your will be done for this girl and that she will receive Your healing in her body and that You will keep the family in Your peace during this time too in Jesus' name and for His glory amen.
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Yes Father... amen...
and Father please send your peace to this uncle, who Lord I imagine is her father here on earth.. please Lord your peace that you are in control, that you have great care for all and that he can rest his worries with your love, in Jesus name.. amen
You are the Lord that healeth, you are the Lord that brings comfort and protection. Father we bring our sister to you, wrap her in your healing arms of love, bless the doctors and nurses, Lord let your will be done.

Bring peace to this family, Lord let your glory be seen.
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I am the Lord that healeth thee (Exodus 15:26)

Lord Jesus, We believe in Your healing power. Loving gracious Jesus if it is Your will please may Your healing power flow through and repair and strengthen.
Be with this family now. You know all the circumstances. Thank You so much for Your precious and unfailing love.

When the even was come, they brought unto Him many...and He..healed all that were sick (Matthew 8:16)

God's arms are streched towards her sister, He is all around her.
No need to worry, keep hanging on every promise that God made, in hope and faith.

I pray your cousin will come out of this very soon, safe and sound, May God walk with her all through it, and strengthen all the people around her that must be hurting now.

God Bless.
thanks for the prayerss.....shes been moved in another hospital coz theirs a blood clot left which is more deeper to get through...shes such a good child for having goin to church usually and lead a prayer in their class,her parents are still really very worrying bout her,with my father assisting them,I hope she'll be fine.Thanks a lot for the prayers.
Lord Jesus I bring this situation to you, and I pray that your hand will be seen and that your presence will be known, that the ady will completely recover....in Jesus

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