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Please pray for my aunt......

hello everybody........

I am in urgent need of prayer for my aunt..........
She is dying of cancer.
It started out as breast cancer and a few months ago it moved into all her bones.
Now anybody that knows cancer very well (like i do..... my whole family on both sides have have countless casses of it), knows that the next step is into her kindneys (wich happened to my grandfather) and then it is only a matter of time before she "drowns" (because her kidneys can not function).
My whole family has been praying for her for a wole while.
She initailly found out the she has cancer 13 or so years ago and the doctors said she wouldnt live 2 years but she survived but is doing badly.
Please pray for her........
God bless you all.
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Lord be with our sister to ease her pain.Grant her loving family the strength to carry their burden.Oh my Jesus be with and inspire those who are caring for her.We lift them up before you this day Lord.Amen.
I will pray for your aunt. I pray that she will make a full and speedy recovery. In Jesus Name
God Bless
Thank you for all your prayers.......
May God bless you sooooooooo much.


I will pray for your Aunt. May God be with you in your time of need.

God Bless
Lord be with our sister and ease her pain. Give her family strength and courage Lord and inspire those you have Blessed with caring hearts to help her in her time of need.Lord hear our prayer.Amen.
I'm praying for your aunt, don't worry about anything, God is in control of everything, all will be well.
Stay Real

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