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Please pray for me

Please sisters and brothers I have sinned against our savior and can't understand why i fell away. I only know it was selfish. I painfully regret and fear i have brought judgement against myself for allowing myself to be enticed by desires of the flesh. No actual act was commited but my mind through fornication has been polluted by what i allowed myself to view over the intranet. Please all know that i do regret this and it sickens me that through all the good things Jesus has done for me i fell into this trap in which i asume all responibility for. I pray for forgivness and true repentence of this sin and ask that you all could pray the same for me. I Love Jesus more than life itself and want him to know that with all my being. Please every true Christian be aware of the many snares of the intranet. I do know some sites such as this one can benefit the soul but others can destroy what God has started in you. Be carefull while you surf and stay strong in the spirit so you will not fall as i have. I am embaresed of myself and am sorry that it is adultry i have commited in my heart. It seems worse that it is in the heart because that is where my soul is and the same my Love for both christ and my wife.
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SlaveToChrist, if you are truly repentive, the good Lord will forgive you, it is one of His promises to us.
There are some things in this world that can open us up to worse and worse sins and so poison our minds that everything we see is twisted and made to be sickening to us. I will pray for you, that you have the strength not to go back to that site or any other and that you are healed from what you have seen. I'll pray that this has not twisted your sight and that you are able to fully walk with Jesus.
God bless you and keep you. I know that it is one of the hardest confessions to make, admitting what your sin was, the sins of the flesh seem to be the most embarrasing. But know that you did the right thing in coming here and know that you did the right thing in asking for forgivness from God.
Slave to Christ. Your words to me spoke beautifully to me, so there is much beauty in you. I pray to You Lord Jesus, that temptation does not harm Slave to Christ again, in any form, especially in the ways it hurts you and his wife so deeply. Remind Slave to Christ dear Jesus, that You love Him and are always welcoming when he turns back to You. Let Him know too, that You are pleased that He stood before others, to confess his wrongdoings and let him know too dear Brother, that You are still there, forgiving and willing to walk the path with Slave to Christ, that leads to Your Eternal Kingdom.
Show him the strength and power of Yourself dear Jesus and of Your true and such beautiful love. I praise you my Brother and friend and I thank You for being the true Shepherd and the Light and the Way and I am proud to call You my Brother. You are Great dear Jesus. Please let Your Greatness shine in Slave to Christ's life. amen
Ah yes...repentance. Such a beautifull thing bestowed upon us by the Lord Jesus Christ...that it may be granted as to the gentiles, as well as the Jews, amen!