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Please pray for me

i dont really want to talk about this at all, but i need prayers and ive been praying alone about it. I just know its better if theres more than just me praying. I recently found out i had a std which was taken care with a shot and pills. I guess because of that they sent off my results and they also found out that i tested positive for the high risk hpv factors or whatever they are called. This means that they COULD lead to cancer if they arent found in time. Your body can also fight these off apparently, but the high risk ones are what can cause cancer. That is what im worried about. Obviously i know i havent had the hpv for long because i was pregnant 3 years ago and they would have found it then, which im guessing is a good thing. Im just nervous. The doctor hasnt called me or anything to discuss it. I just seen it on my chart online so that i tested positive. Its not saying i have cancer either, but eventually i could. Please pray that God will heal my body and make sure i dont get cancer. I have 2 kids and one on the way. I dont want to get cancer. Ive been having a bad day because i seen the results and cancer is all ive thought about. Im hoping everything will turn out okay, but if you would please say a prayer for me and keep me in your prayers. I also want to thank you for every time yall have prayed for me before.

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