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Please pray for me

Dear warriors!

I need your prayers now. Pray that I will make it tomorrow. God knows what it is. Pray that He will supply me with all I need to go through this. Pray that I will have faith in Him and trust Him fully. Pray that I will not be visibly nervous. Pray that He will give me wisdom and insight, and that I will make a very good impression. Ket His will to be done here. If it is His will for me to do this, pray that He will open doors for me.

Thank you very much!!
Brother Andreas - I am praying with you. The Lord will help you if this is right for you. We are told "ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and it shall be opened to you" We place our trust in Jesus our Saviour - He will lead you on the right path.God Bless and good luck.

I know God knows what we need even before we ask. He knows what you need for tomorrow.

I pray with you that He will give strength and wisdom to overcome any sitution. May the peace of Jesus Christ go with you and the comfort of the Holy Spirit be with you tomorrow, as you go through what ever your need is.

In Jesus name Amen

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

Bless you Brother Andreas :love: you will be just fine :love: as Alabaster said: God knows what we need even before we ask :love:
But He still enjoys His kids asking Him for it :love:
Lord Jesus I pray for Andreas, my brother right now and thank You so much for stepping into his life and calling him to follow You for the rest of his life :love: please comfort him now and shower him with Your blessing Spirit tomorrow and I thank You for it :love: Amen
Staff Member
I will pray for you. Sounds like a job interview. They can be pretty painful sometimes I guess you can say. GOD is with you sister. Whatever the will of the Father is, let it be done.

Thanks a lot for all your prayers! In fact I am having an interview with an online Norwegian christian crises line. I want to work as a voluteer. It is like the Samaritans in England.
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