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Please pray for me and my girlfriend

Back last year I met a woman at work who was in a very difficult marriage. Her husband was on drugs and abusive (mostly verbally) but sometimes physically to her and her kids. We became friends at work and unbeknownst to me she went home and told him one night that she had feelings for me. That pretty much put me in the divorce even though we hadn't did anything. Her husband to this day will not admit his addictions and abusiveness caused their separation, it was all my fault. We did end up together and I was very supportive both financially and mentally to her during this rough time. We were together 7 months and we ended up breaking up over the stresses of the divorce and her ex husbands drama. She reached out to me for months after that and I wasn't sure about continuing a relationship with her. Sometimes I was kind of cold to her...sometimes she was cold to me. She ended up meeting a guy online and they started dating. Not long into the relationship she caught him with other womens pics on his phone. Indecent pics I might add. He lied to her multiple times and she could not trust him. While this was happening it hit me one day what I had done. She was the one for me...I was just too stubborn to see it. So I made contact with her and basically begged for another chance and admitted I was wrong on how I treated her on refusing to agree on certain things. She kept telling me no and to quit messaging her. I was praying very hard everyday to God asking him to give us another chance because she was the best woman I had ever met. She was so afraid of God being disappointed in her for getting divorced when she was going thru it. I messaged her one last time and she responded she wanted to talk. We got back together soon after that. Later I discovered that her ex boyfriend would not leave her alone and she admitted she still had feelings for him, but she wanted us to work because she knew her ex boyfriend was no good for her or her kids. In the meantime her kids got really attached to me and I got really attached to them. A week or so ago I noticed her getting distant and she finally told me she wasn't happy. She broke up with me. She went back to the boyfriend that was no good. Her kids threw a fit on her because they did not want her to leave me. She told me once that things was easier with him because she knew there was no future with him. I said "isn't that kind of backwards? If you have kids I would think you would want to see a future with someone for them!' Sunday night I got a call from her 8 year old daughter saying she misses me and she loves me. It is killing me. I have prayed non stop about this. She does suffer from depression but will not get help for it. I keep praying but I think I need more help so I came here. Please help us. Her kids do not deserve this. I told her I wanted to start going to church as a family and try to right all the wrongs that were done. I love her and the kids so much and she doesn't see where she is hurting them by her choices. Please help us? I'm begging...I can't handle not being there for them.
As a born again man with integrity,
Well you never would have ended up in that situation.

Brother be like Joseph and Run, Run Run.
Staff Member
Hello Jason,

Let me ask you. Were you both together/dating before the divorce or after?

1 Thessalonians 5:22
22 Abstain from every form of evil.
Staff Member
@Jason S.
Dear Jason,
As Brother @Wired 4 Fishen has stated you should never have gotten into that situation in the first place. Whether you're a believer or not. Which you don't say.

Marriage is a Covenant between a man and a woman and God. It was never your place to get in the middle of it, even though you felt the pain of the wife. That you could have prayed for her and asked God to help would have been the best for you to do. Then you compound the mistake by what appears to be living with her without being married. Do you think that God approved of that situation?

With all that being said, how are you with God? Have you come to Jesus that you might know Him? More important than your relationship with a divorced woman, is the one you have with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without Him, all else is truly worthless. Our Lord said "Of what profit is it that you gain the whole world but lose your soul?".

Get right with Him while you continue to pray for this woman and her children with whom you have gotten attached to and them you. For in Him you will find the way you should walk. This is the advice I would share with you.

Praying that you find your way to the Cross and your path made straight.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.

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