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Please pray for a change

Dear friends,

From my previous posts you may know I am separated from my wife.There has been little communication as she is very angry and let down. In the coming week an attempt will be made by an intermediary to restore dialogue that may result in a softening of her heart and the return of the great love we shared. I am desolate without her and so want to save our marriage. I believe the Lord inspired the intermediary in answer to our prayers as He has looked into my heart and knows my sincere remorse and the love I have for my wife. Can you please pray that the Lord will inspire the intermediary and for a successful reply from my wife. Thank you.

Yeah sure thing!

hey Nicholas!

Yeah i will talk to go for you about your wife but you gotta know not to try too hard i think cuz girls dont like that or women i rekon but mostly girls get over it so i think she will eh? I would if i realy loved someone and your a nice bloke i rekon Nicholas so i think she will like just want a bit of space.

You got a lot going on eh? like me ha! but i will ask god to let you know what to do ok? kool

i found this look for ya in Romans chapter 8 verse 28

for we know that in everything god works for the good with those who love him, who are called according to his purpose

and i know you love him Nicholas because you were kind to me
Prayer for restoration

Dear Lord,

We know that You are in control of all things, though we often don't see Your ultimate plan in them. We don't understand why Job's wife in the Bible told him to curse God and die when he was hit by trials. We don't understand why so many professing Christian men and women today give up on their vows of marriage as though it was a light thing before You when You have said You hate divorce.

In our lack of understanding, please give us wisdom. Particularly for my brother Andrew's sake, I ask for wisdom not only for him but for this intermediary. I pray that You would put the words in the go between's mouth and that you will soften the heart of Andrew's wife to see that whatever the difficulties in the past, You are not wanting this union to end.

Father we know that the only exceptions are in cases of infidelity or a nonbeliever wanting to leave. Lord, apart from these reasons, I pray that Andrew's wife would see she has no justification for leaving the husband of her youth. If abusive things have been said in the past by either party I ask You to forgive and restore and heal hearts and minds.

I pray for You to sustain our brother as this is a heavy cross to bear. I thank You for my current trials that I can but taste the bitter tears that my brother has and weep with him at the lost love of the most dear on earth. We thank You that in spite of these things that You never leave us nor forsake us. That You always do what is best for us long term if we love You and are called according to Your purpose.

So I ask You, if it's according to Your will, that not only will the intermediary be successful, but you will put a new heart of love and kindness in Andrew's wife towards him and that he will have a heart of compassion, love and forgiveness towards her and that the two may be reconciled and live for You, a testimony of Your healing grace.

I ask in Jesus' precious name,