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Dear Lord God, I have two prayers. I pray for my sweet, gorgeous brothers and sisters living in places where churches at this time of the year are unsafe places, targets for evil demon possessed Islamists, bent on the early death of as many of your disciples as they can kill. I pray for disruption of their plans and frustration of their attempts and the safety of all believers. In compliance of Jesus' advice I pray for these people, our enemy. I pray that each one will turn from their warped ideology, away from a belief that hate will overcome with a realisation that your love rules supreme.

I thank you also Lord God for my Christmas dinner but Lord I pray for my lovely family that live in dire poverty, not knowing how long it will be before they'll see a decent meal and forced to drink dirty unhygienic water. Please Lord, you know each one personally and intimately, I beg that through the magnificent work of organizations like Open Doors and Barnabas Fund and others, you'll provide not only basic needs but luxuries besides.

We really really love our brothers and sisters dear Lord but work in each of us Lord so that we love them just as much as your son Jesus did.



If anyone else wants to add their prayers that'll be very much appreciated.
I really want to thank God for answering my prayers, this has been on my mind all day. I'm so pleased that Christmas passed off with no major atrocities, brothers and sisters throughout the world walked out of Christmas day service with a warm buzzing feeling. Thanks to in part to those governments that recognised the dangers, stepped up to the mark and rightly provided their citizens with the security required, for example Happy Holidays 2019!


Oh dear Lord God, I'm so relieved and so pleased that my dear beloved brothers and sisters are all home safe and sound after a lovely Christmas service, worshipping and praising you. It's wonderful that people are quite prepared to ignore the dangers in order to meet together and adore you publicly. Thank you dear Lord for answering my prayers and thank you that now our brothers and sisters can once again concentrate their love and affections on you rather worrying about their safety.

And I'm pretty sure that many were thanking you for this the beginning of your rescue plan that rescued them, and just as importantly, me. That took an awful lot of love, More Love than we can really appreciate but yet you had more still in reserve, an infinite amount of love that you continue to pour out on each one of us. We love you too God, very much.