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Please kindly read this and pray for every belivers around the world

He says... how many preachers fall? Many.

How many are born again?

There are sadly many preachers who are caring academics, but they are not born again. I remember some years back a vicar packed in because he said, I run out of things to say. He also was never born again.

To the none believer the Bible is just another book.

John 3:3, 3:5, 3:7 if you are not born again you will not see the Kingdom of heaven, in this life or the next. Three times in a few verses Jesus summed this up, it is so clear but many do not preach it. Don't just read the above verses it is important to read all of John 3:1-21.

This guy goes on to say... I’ve never been about living my life for others. Jesus was never in his heart!

Do not let your hearts be troubled, these things are sure to happen, if a person is not born again the devil is their father.

We worship the Lord in Spirit and Truth, some, not all, of these singers are people who love to sing, love to be seen singing, love to be part of a popular singing group, but they are singing for themselves, they are not singing God's Praises.
It's extremely sad. I don't understand why people do it, I understand that as mentioned in Timothy, people like to hear what agrees with them/their passions, but it's shocking that people can be fake. With their tongues they can confess "I love Jesus," yet they don't.

Not to say that I'm perfect, each day I need to renew my spirit. I want to love God more and more. I see my flesh and it's very weak. My spirit is willing, but sometimes it is so hard!

I pray for all of the people in the world. How foolish we are! We need the good Doctor, both Christians and non-believers. I pray that people wouldn't follow religion, but have a relationship with Jesus Christ. That he would change their hearts. I pray that sin does not overcome believers, that they wouldn't let their guard down and that they would put on spiritual armor. That we would be a people after his own heart!

P.S., what do you think about listening to Hillsong? Some of their songs are so powerful. I have used them to praise God and my church uses them often as well. Some of my most powerful encounters with the spirit have been while worshipping him (whether Hillsong or another band). Perhaps I have not done enough research, but is it wrong for me to believe that there are singers in Hillsong that truly do love God?

I generally believe that worship singers are good, but maybe I should test things more. I've always figured the words are good and that shows something, but when I was about to write that to you this verse came to my head:

If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.
1 Corinthians 13:12

In this context I think sometimes people can produce things that are beautiful and seem like it's from God, but they can be empty words.
Dear sister, there are many head Christian's, but if they are not born again they are not saved, they were not saved. Many are church goers, some are ministers.

The devil is the deceiver of souls, a liar from the start.

You tell a tree by its fruits, but sometimes they look/sound like they are real fruits, for a period. They mascara as children of the light but their devil is the father.

Bless you
thanks for the article sister @Jellani

looks like the pride of the flesh claimed another, success in the world sure can turn you away from God fast if we are not really careful to keep our flesh in check.

Always give God the thanks and glory for our success is one way to protect our self's IMO

Good thing is as long as they are living there is time for them to repent
This is the time that we need to act and unite in spirit. Many are still being deceived and we need to help one another through our prayers.

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