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Please inform me a little.

I don't want to seem like a bad person in here being that this is my first post, but I'm not a believer in god. I am one who will not believe untill I see it, and that's the way that I have always been. I've tried to believe in him, and it hasn't worked. I have no inpiration to learn about god, because to me he is not real. Is this normal?
You are not normal and i am not offened i am saddened. Most people in the World know that there is a God, they see the universe and they know that a God must exist. The only Question they have is who is God. But there is a very small number of people who say there is no God. You seem to be one of them.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

PS: Oh you will see God in the future and you will believe but sadly it will be too late for you.
Spacelee85...welcome to Talk Jesus. I appreciate your openess & honesty in your post. I trust you will do the same with mine & others to follow. First, by posting your questions, you have alerted hundreds of people to pray for you. When prayer happens, hearts can change. Your coming here isn't by chance - things happen for a reason.

Secondly, I beg to differ with you a wee bit. You said you have no inspiration to learn about God - yet you post mentions Him & how you feel about Him along with the instruction to inform you a little. I understand you are asking about whether this is normal & I will get to that, but my point is that you have a flicker of inspiration in you already. I will pray for God to plant a greater desire in your heart to know Him.

Thirdly, there are many things you believe in that you can't see. The obvious one is the wind...you can't visibly see IT, but you see it's results. Other things - you can't see that you will not be run over by a car when you venture out, yet you go & don't stay in because it can't be seen beforehand. It actually takes a lot of faith just to go thru day to day occurrances - you are trusting in something - you just haven't identified it yet.

How have you "tried to believe in Him"? Is it that you feel God has let you down & you are walking away? I'd like to know more about what you mean.

Lastly, most of us have doubts in some way. Thomas (one of the disciples) doubted that it was Jesus everyone was seeing after he had risen from the dead. He said "unless I see..." God understands what you are thinking & feeling & He knows your heart even better than you do.

We will pray for your heart to be softened & ready to receive Him, & He will hear our prayers & answer. You will have to do your part tho. As we are agreeing to do our's & I trust God to do His...I'd like to ask you to read the book of John in the New Testament. Read it asking God to show Himself to you.

Please keep us informed & I have typed all this in the spirit of love & not condemnation.
I just never goten that into god. I don;'t understand why people would want to believe in him. It all goes back to the if I don't see, then how do I know? I don't mean to offend anybody, but I don't believe, and to me, he could've been made up. where was the proof that there was a christ when it was in the B.C. Era? There could have been lonely people that needed they're hopes up and some strange man could've walked up to them and said, I know somebody that will help you, and gave them a book which was soon after called a bible that one man worte. Or another scenario where one man told another man, which told another which twisted the story a lil bit. That's where I don't see god. And Why I don't get it. The real reason for coming on here if that I am having relationship problems. My fiance mentioned herself getting saved which I don't know where it come from, and I flipped out about it, being that I don't believe and she does. I just to my questions to be answered.
I find no offense in your honesty. Just because you cant see God does not mean He is not real! I see God in all different situations. Satan has fooled many into doubting by useing "seeing is believing" . I will pray for you.
Staff Member
Spacelee...welcome to Talk Jesus :)

Please, if you want answers of why we believe in a GOD that does exists and evidence of the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ - and everything in between - read the forums here http://www.talkjesus.com/forumdisplay.php?f=5

Plenty of EVIDENCE, fulfilled prophecies are foretold in Scripture (aka Holy Bible).

"I don't believe if I don't see" is nothing but a load of mindless, senseless garbage so don't fall for it. Its a fool's perception and nothing more or less.

Put it this way:
- you don't believe in feelings, emotions, love, air, wind, sound.

Think about this:
- year 2005 - 2005 years ago Jesus Christ was born
- Jesus Christ, only one known as Savior (of any 'religion' - 10,000 worldwide). Jesus Christ, only one (and his disciples given gift of miracles by Holy Spirit), that performed miracles. Only one born to die (Savior) to pay for our sins. Not mohammed, ghandi, buddha, ooda, wooda, and mooda LOL

Think about...
The scientific facts of the world (from here on, note that knowledge is power - don't guess, don't assume 'scenarios', etc). Scientfically, there is only one DNA per human being (twins, triplets, whatever). Scientfic fact, if any object such as a star or planet moves out of its place the slightest tiniest bit not even noticeable to the human eye, it would destroy life on planet Earth as we know it and "see it".

Once you get to know Him, our GOD, Savior Jesus Christ - you will know (assuming you attend a Bible based church) and witness many miracles of your own and others. You will feel the presence of GOD. Why? Because you wanted to. Hopefully, you will want to feel and "see" GOD's grace, love and power one day [before its too late].
spacelee85 said:
. The real reason for coming on here if that I am having relationship problems. My fiance mentioned herself getting saved which I don't know where it come from, and I flipped out about it, being that I don't believe and she does. I just to my questions to be answered.

Hello and Welcome to Talk Jesus.

I see you have issue with this "saved" thing. Saved from what, for what, from whom....

Your fiance was convicted of her sins by the Holy Spirit. This led her to find answers as to what she can do to avoid the punishment for these sins.

For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. (Romans 3:23)

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.(Rom 6:23)

This is a little of what she was/is experiencing. When one see themselves as God sees them (that is without Christ,) they are repulsed and know that they are going to have to pay for their sin(eternally).

Look at some examples from the 10 Commandments.

You shall have no other Gods before me. (anything in your life that you put above or value more than GOD)

You shall not bear false witness(Lie)

You shall not covet(Want what others have including their spouse/girlfriend)

You shall not commit Adultery( to have relations with another who is married or if you are and they are not your spouse even looking at another with lust ie.. sexual desire)

If you are to just break one of these; your punishment is eternity in Hell.

For Christ is coming soon to render Judgement on this world and all who have ever resided or reside here.

Without being saved(from the wages of sin) one does not want to see Jesus when He returns.

I hope this helps a little where your fiance is coming form and why it is so important to her and us, and why you flipped out about it.

We enjoy having you here and pray that you too will come to know Christ as we know Christ.

Peace be with you,
RE:I'm praying for you!

Dear spacelee85,
I have been praying for you all nite.I really want you to find Jesus so you will know the joy that my brothers and sisters know and to have eternal life.I write these things to you...that you may know that you have eternal life.(1john5:13)
Eternal life is a gift,...(Romans6:23) says For the wages of sin is death;but the gift of GOD is eternal life through Jesus Christ our LORD...It can't be earned or deserved(eph2:8) for by grace are ye saved though FAITH; and not of yoursleves;it is the gift of God (eph2:9) not of works,lest any man should boast...So what stands in the way of our receiving this GIFT? SIN,Stealing,lying,cheating,drug abuse,anger,lust and so on.(Romans3:23) All have sinned and fall short of the glory of GOD...Since it's impossible to be perfect,even the smallest sin would disqualify us from heaven.So there must be a way to get there.Jesus Christ...Who would you say he is?(Colossians1:15) The visible expression of the invisible GOD;The fristborn of every creature..
What did he do? He died on the cross and rose from the dead to pay the penalty for our sins and purchase a place for us in heaven which he offers as a free gift (Isaiah53:6) we all like sheep have gone astray;each of us has turned to his own way;and the LORD has laid on him(JESUS) the iniquity(SIN) of us all..Faith is the key that opens the door to eternal life.
Saving faith is trusting in JESUS CHRIST alone for eternal life. (John3:16) For GOD so loved the world that he gave his one and only son,That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life....(Revelation3:20)He says: I stand at the door and knock,if any one hears my voice and opens the door,I will come in to him.I just wanted to give you something to think about...JOSEPHSCOAT.....:plate: .. ..:love:
I understand a little of where you are coming from and my best response to both of your post is come into live chat, sit and listen and see for yourself some of what we have. I know many on this site are in prayer for you. Hope to see you soon.
Don't panic


I am definately not going to belittle you. But you have to understand that satan has blinded the eyes of your heart. I could quote you scripture after scripture and so on. The fact remains: Jesus is Lord and Savior and wants to save you from hell. This is my favorite:" All that the Father give to me, come to me. And whosoever comes to me I will in no wise cast out." I would recommend you read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to get a foundation of the truth. In the meantime I will be praying that the Holy Spirit will lead you to Jesus.

Jesus loves you and so do I,
Everyday I look in the face of my children I see the miracles that God can give you. The day my husband rededicated his life to Christ, I saw another miracle. A lot of people had been praying for him. I have just read your posts and have started praying for you. The fact that you are asking these questions means God is trying to reach you. He has already reached your fiance. If you look and listen (with your heart), you will find out that there is a God. I thank God everyday for everything He has given me. I pray He will come to you and give you a blessing in your life. God Bless You!!!
Hello, what is your name? I'm glad to meet you, I'm Sissy. I noticed you haven't posted for a while, and I'd love to hear from you. I think there is nothing wrong with you wondering about this, and how brave of you to be so honest! Honesty is a good thing, and I appreciate how you come into this not critizing Christianity, but simply asking. I understand how it's hard to believe in God, I understand where you're coming from, I don't share your opinions, but that's okay. I do believe in God, just so that you know, and I won't try to make you believe in him. But if you have any questions or concerns, anything you'd like me to pray about, please let me know will you? I'd love to get to know you more. You can share any doubts you might have, and I won't be offended, though I am a believer in Christ and I love him dearly. Respond soon so I can learn more about you!
Sissy J.
Brother here is a quick definition of heaven:eternal love,peace,happiness,rest and oh yeah you live forever.heres a little definition of hell:eternal hate, affliction,saddness,no rest,physical and mental pain and oh yeah you live forever.So think where do you want to spend eternity???Because after death there is only heaven or hell no inbetween despite what you might think.JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN!!!!!I wish i was standing in front of you to show you the passion me and my fellow christians share!My brother on my life i promise you there is a god and he died a horrable death and rose again. He defeated death and faced hell for us to save us from that hell i defined for you.We grow in faith through his word his word is in the bible.There is the power of truth in the gospels. Read them starting at john like advised above. Many who have read the bible and tried to disprove it could not and became believers themselves.God sees you have a soul worth saving and nothing can stop him from saving it except you!God answers the prayers of his children and there is more than enough praying for you now. considering it takes only one.But i also will pray for you. MAY GODS TRUTH BE ON YOU MAY HIS WILL START TO WORK IN YOU.
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