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Please in your charity pray with me

Hello brothers and sisters. I hope you do not consider my request for help selfish and I ask you to remember me in your prayers. I have been ill for some time and had seven surgical procedures just before Christmas. The latest test results are not very good as my strength is failing. I am separated from my darling wife who for her own reasons chose not to have any contact with me throughout my illness and still refuses despite the love I have in my heart for her which is deep and sincere.
My friends here have been very good to me and I appreciate the wonderful support that has helped me cope but I am struggling to overcome heartbreak and my illness. My Mom and sister are disabled and they depend on me and I worry for their wellbeing if the Lord decides to bring me home. In seeking a miracle I pray my wife's heart will soften and for God's Healing Hand to Bless my body and soul.Next week I enter hospital again for further treatment.
Thank You,
Nicholas, I've just got your pm and am already praying. Don't ever think putting a prayer request up is selfish, we are too pleased to pray for you. God bless brother. :love:
I am in agreement with you brother.

I pray the Lord will soften your wife's heart. Lord as our brother goes through this, that You will continue to provide for him and His family. Lord You know what they need and I know You will provide. I also come before You asking that You will heal our brother and make him whole in the mighty name of Your son Jesus Christ and all of God's kids said Amen!

Your sister in Christ,

Staff Member
Brother thank you for sharing a prayer request. This is the first and ultimate step in the mix of good faith in Christ to receive healing and blessings, comfort and peace through Jesus Christ. Never "worry" if you say you are faithful. I feel in my heart your a man of faith not doubts so remember nothing whether good or bad in life is more powerful than our awesome GOD.

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