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Please, I need your prayers....

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Nissa, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. I have been married to my 2nd husband for 7 years. Our courtship of 10 years was difficult because his children acknowledged, but wouldn't accept me.... and that's all I wanted, was their love and acceptance.
    Holidays are the hardest, because my husband is torn between his kids who He loves dearly, and myself, knowing how ill at ease I am around his ex-wife and children, who are grown adults in their late 30's and 40's. At times the mood is good all round, but mostly I am tolerated and even ignored by one or two of them (including the ex wife who is remarried). My husband and his ex-wife divorced long before we met, so I was not the cause of their break-up. But to keep on the right side of his children, he leads them to believe that he still has feelings for their mother. I may sound naive, but I know that he doesn't.

    I've even been sworn at by one of the kids when he was drunk one day. We had it out and I forgave him once he apologised.
    It's been painful because my husband does not stand up for me. It's almost as though he tries to sweep their bad behaviour toward me under the carpet. When things are said in his presence, he pretends as though he never hears it. And then the fight begins between us.
    Where is God in all of this I ask sometimes. These people have been born again....

    Please, please pray that the Holy Spirit would show my husband that this is wrong. I'm also worried about the stand I've taken in all of this. I'm angry and am struggling to forgive. I've left it in God's hands. I can't do this anymore....
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  2. Praying for peace and endurance for you sister, and for the Holy Spirit to convict these people to do the right thing.
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  3. Thank you. Thank you so much!
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  4. May God move mightily in this situation.

    Evil one, GET OUT of this family in the name of Jesus; all oppressive spirits at work here, flee and do not return. Holy Spirit, soften hearts and heal hurtful feelings, mend this family. Strengthen the family bond, renew all hearts. Amen.
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  5. Amen!! I stand in agreement!!
    Bless you. Thank you for this! Satan has been running riot in our family for too long. Thank you.
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  6. I am praying with you and for you @Nissa.

    Being born again is a good thing, but how difficult can a newborn child be? A childish adult is much more difficult to understand and accept and/or to forgive.

    The only one we can directly take corrective action on is always "me, myself". Remember this as you pray for and interact with all of those you have mentioned.
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  7. Thank you Amadeus2. Wise words. I will remember that.
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  8. @Nissa
    Praying for you sister. Knowing how difficult it is to Love those who do not Love you.
    We know that this was also the case between the Father and us for our ability to love came from on high.
    We love, because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19
    So, it is with that same love that we now know, that we shower upon those who do not love Him or you as His Child.

    So praying that with hurting heart that the love you shower upon them will through the power of the Holy Spirit touch, change the hardened hearts you have encountered and turn them to the Son. That through you they may see Him, the Father's Love, and in so doing your husband's eyes may be opened to seeing what has been happening. Given clarity to see the difference between the love in the light that you shine and the darkness that but for the moment touches those he seeks to gain acceptance from. That complete understanding might be his as God acts upon his spirit knowing that as a man of God whose wife loves dearly must come first in this covenant with God and in so doing have the guilt he has carried to be wiped away. Absolved in that same knowledge that the past is not to be changed, but the present lived to his family from the past, but moreso to his wife of the present. That as the Spiritual Leader of his family that he begins to exemplify the actions of a Man of God and in so doing touch the entire family that they may grow nearer to the Savior; for the Glory of God that loves and is forever. In Jesus name I pray this to be done. Amen, Amen, Amen!

    You have clarity and victory in Jesus dear sister. The road may not be easy as you have seen, but I pray that you might be comforted in the knowledge that you are not alone. That others are with you and praying for our Lord's intercession upon your behalf. Be at peace in this and let the love you have gained shine forth that all may see His Majesty and know there is Victory in Jesus!

    Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  9. Thank you so much Nick. I truly feel the assurance of the Holy Spirit. I am so glad that I'm now a member of Talk Jesus. It's good to know that one's problems are lifted with the prayers of many brothers and sisters. Bless you...
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