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Please, I need help!

Next week we will celebrate Easter and I'm going to confess as well as the other membesr of my family. But I have someone in my family that is not a believer, he was baptized as a christian, but he doesn't believe in God. He always wants material proofs and he is not sure of anything. I told him to go to confess, and I'm sure he would do it if I ask him, because he lovs me. The problem is that if he would do it, he did it just for me.
So, I'm asking you: it is better for him to confess even he doesn't believe or it's best not to do it?I was thinking that it is worst to confess in his situation, but maybe I'm wrong.:(
Please, help me, I'm really so worried for him!
It is better to not except Jesus as your Savior,Than to do it and turn your back on God. God loves us and wants us to except Him because we want Him. Not for someone else and pretend to love Him. As my dad would say thats playing church, or playing I'm a believer. I will pray that he comes to the Lord. God wants him and loves him.
Thank you very much for your answers!! Now I know what I really have to do: to keep praying for him. God is merciful and maybe He will open the eyes of this person as well as He did to me. God bless you

Hi Cristina! But even if he's not serious in confessing Jesus as his Savior but do so.Whatever his reasons in accepting Jesus as his personal Savior and Lord, if he does confess, it's alright. God heard him and even though he's not serious about it, God is. God heard him and accepts his prayer of acceptance and in due time, he will realize that God is serious in calling him as his child. The best thing is God did accept his confession and through it, God now can work in his life.
God bless you. Peace is wih us.
If a man has not confessed his sins to GOD,
repented of them, and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour,
it would`nt make any difference one way or the other if
he ever stepped into a confessional box.

Brother Mike...did you take a stroke :confused: