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Please Help Talk Jesus Community

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Greetings everyone!

    Thank you for being a part of Talk Jesus community. I'm honored to serve you, honored (and blessed) to have my moderators assisting me as well. I'm looking to further improve and expand Talk Jesus' reach to the "ends of the earth' as the Bible mentions // Matthew 24:4-14

    Please be part of serving here by simply helping me to share this community with people, worldwide. There are so many simple ways you can help! Below are the basic ways, if you have a new idea please post here and I'll add it in my original post (this one).

    Why is it so important that we share this community with the rest of the world?

    People are lost, thirsty for GOD (and do not know it), they are empty, hurting and seeking for answers in life. They are seeking for healing, truth, understanding, purpose. This community is about sharing the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ so that the lost may be saved (John 3:16) and the body of Christ may be edified as well (2 Timothy 4:2).

    The devil is a liar. We're in a spiritual warfare. Let's rise and stand up!

    Soldiers do not sit around in a battle. No, they courageously stand up, rise and fight until the battle is won! We are called to do the same in the spiritual realm of things. You can help share this awesome community so others may receive support online conveniently, ask for prayer, ask for biblical advice and help the body grow through edification.

    How you can help...

    • share via social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc)
    • Instagram / Pinterest / Tumblr
      • You can share pictures from the photo gallery on your accounts and cite to invite people
      • or you can simply post a picture with a direct invitation to this community! (feel free to use the attached picture on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest)
    • You can simply email your friends, family or social friends online an invitation. It doesn't have to come off "spammy". A simple, sincere "hey check out this awesome Christian community" is to the point and sufficient.
    • Use the green "Share This" button found site-wide on top right. This is an excellent way to share specific threads (aka "topics"), pictures, etc.
    • Tell your family members to join and friends, co-workers
    • Share with people at church
    • Put a little signature in your email accounts inviting your recipients to the community

    You will not necessarily see blessings behind the curtains of your simple deeds for others when you serve others in any fashion, whether at church or sharing the Gospel or even this community. GOD sees all and does the main work. We need to be His hand-tools, a part of the process. The Lord rewards those who bless others and serve others. Jesus served His disciples, we must serve as well. Your help here can be a huge help for someone you've shared the site with and you may not even know. I know for sure that administrating this community since 2003, I certainly do not know every blessing members have encountered through others' lending hand and support, by GOD's grace but I do know it's more than I can count.

    I honestly pour my heart into this community to make it the best Christian site out there online, period. From the aesthetics of the overall design, to the icons, smiley faces, fonts, colors to the chat software used, content allowed and not allowed (no paid advertisements on the site, no self-promotions), to the photo gallery and video media gallery. Everything means a lot to me and I want others to experience the best, friendliest, 100% Scriptural Christian community around, hands down. No bending the Word for self standards, no thrashing others' understanding, kid-safe arcade games, family friendly atmosphere and so on. This is crucial to me.

    Thank you all for being part of Talk Jesus Christian Forums!

    Freely download and use the below image (click, then right-click and choose "save as image" option). You can use this on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    View attachment 1539
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    Have shared TJ with others via methods mentioned that I belong to.
    I would like to make up some "business cards" using the pic you provided above as another means of getting the word out.
    Maybe with a verse or two on the back (?)
    However, your blessings are needed be I go ahead with this.
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    Thanks brother @Christ4Ever

    If you want to create business cards, that's awesome. I do simply ask for proof of concept first (nothing personal, I just have very high standards for quality and such). You can simply email me front/back images of what you wish to create. That'll be awesome brother.

    Thank you very much!
  4. Praise the LORD!
  5. I have been blessed

    Dear Chad, God bless this ministry. I love your passion and commitment to doing His will.
    I have been personally blessed by your ministry. Now I am also helping out in small ways. It all started during the time I joined TJ. God bless you very much.
  6. Chad,
    I wrote a book on prophecy which is sold on many sites. Because of this all of my posts are picked up by the internet since I post under my name. Google Eric E Stahl and you will see what I mean. If other people who are known, would post under their own name it would help "talk Jesus".
  7. We who are so very THANKFUL for both you and this wonderful site,stay that way because of all this site has done for so many, as well as myself! Psalm 127:1 One always can see when the Lord has built ones home!! Thanks brother for all you have already done,and are always looking to do! TalkJesus is always in my prayers daily!! amen!
  8. Will do the pinterest thing Brother Chad! I love this site and being here with all my brothers and sisters. Thank you so much for all you do and have done for all of us here.
  9. Will do Chad; proud to be here.
  10. i am trying to invite all my friends to this site soon,i love
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    done ...

    How many words do you have to have in a post for it to be legal? Just not one?
  12. Will do.....:smiley:
  13. Hello. I received an email from TJ saying that I was missed. To be frank, I've not understood the mechanics of me OLD. Also, I find I'm better used of God in areas where the majority of Christians don't gather, like dating sites. I created a kind of daily blog there, reminding men who call themselves Christians about what is TRUE Christianity. I'm afraid there's a whole segment of society painfully deceived in the most frightening harvest field I've ever encountered. Our own American single people, bent on having it "their" way, having totally removed themselves from God's. It's a challenge beyond my understanding, frustrating, and yet, exciting. So, I'll appreciate your prayers, brothers and sisters. As most are warned to stay away from these dating sites, and for good reason. Because they ARE dangerous! But you've got to see how they think, these multitudes who consider themselves "Christian!" Abomination! Pray for them, at least. Pray that somebody will still reach them. I wish I could direct you to that part of my user name where multitudes are being fed a solid Gospel. And that's what else I don't like about rules of forums. Because it takes so long to figure them out, and how to get this vital information to brothers and sisters who should know where there is a spout where God's Glory (His preserved Word taught correctly) is comin' out. Just call me frustrated with forums. Aren't they cloistering Christians? I don't know. I'm Tilly Mahon.
  14. The question is ? Do you think out of the over 18000 that come here . Are you able to help any? but we need to do what the lord leads us to.
  15. Hello Tilly,
    Never been to a dating site, so can only conjecture on the analogy. They didn't exist before I got married. Thank you Jesus!
    I cannot speak for others. For me TJ at times has been a respite from the demands of the world, a chance to touch others half way around the world that I won't have been able to do otherwise. To pray for and with those in need, that have no local means of being ministered to. At times it may seem they are being cloistered, yet, the world is becoming less, and less hospitable to believers, and fellowship can be hard to come by for many. I'm sure you noticed this.

    Yet this does not stop me from praying and evangelizing here and away from the monitor screen as well. At times I am able to take something that I've read (Scripture/point of view/testimony.) at TJ to help another, and sometimes the other way around.

    The world has embraced technology, and Christians must be able to touch them wherever they may go. TJ fills, but one part of it. Both believer and non-believer have come here, and not by my words, but their own. Have been helped. Is it better to be face to face? Of cause. Yet, the Lord our God will use a variety of ways to touch those He has called. Not always easy to manage in trying to figure out the maneuvering of the site. The Administrator and Moderators here do a wonderful job of helping.

    Tilly, the frustrations of the world and their inability to accept or even willingness to even listen, is not surprising. Times are changing, and not for the better. The day of our Lord's return is drawing closer. On a personal level I can't wait, but when I see the children, and adults who are choosing the world. I say wait Lord. Let us save a few more. (Sorry getting teary eyed for them.) Feel your pain sister. You are in my prayers.

    Would love to write more, but work is calling.

    Prayer: Jesus, I do not deserve Your love or mercy, but I praise and thank You for them both! I bring Tilly before you. Bring her comfort, and peace that only you can give in this world that seems to know you less and less. Thank You for hearing us when we call to You and for allowing us to be the vessels by which others may be touched. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen
  16. Thank you, Nick, for your prayers and concern over the lost. It restores my faith that there still are concerned Christians reaching out to the lost as well as deceived. Isn't it amazing that one central Gospel message is hard to find anymore? That the adulterated message apart from Christ and Him crucified has so infiltrated the church, that we can't tell who's packing WHICH interpretation? So that's why I've learned to measure everything by how it lines up with the Cross, even as the Apostle Paul who said, "I determined not to know anything among you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified." 1 Cor. 2:2 Yes, it's a scary world out there, but I often find it's even scarier "in here." As, sometimes, I find I'm wrangling more with truly born again believers than with the unsaved, which is difficult to swallow. Yes, prayer is the only way to be in the position where God will use us. Because, if we lean on Him rather than our own understanding, then He WILL make a way where there seems to be no way.

    But if "ya'll" wish to turn to a place where there's a live international youth conference going on this entire weekend, realizing that God IS touching "whosoever will," and that it's also for gray heads who could help SPREAD THE WORD, then do email me privately, and I'll give you the website. But, why is it that no one will venture to know where the moving and operation of the Holy Spirit is taking place? Is it because we don't care about knowing where a mighty move of God is occurring, the rules of these forums so air tight to keep us from imparting such knowledge? Beats me. Perhaps I'd do better posting this information on a local bulletin board at the community Post Office. Honestly. What's up with this Big Brother need even in "Christian" forums? (And I hate sounding so unkind. Again, thank you for your prayers)

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    Greetings Tilly

    The rules at Talk Jesus need to be maintained because there are so many who would come in and post links to very evil anti Christian stuff......often at first posing as Christians.

    If you wish to post a link about this youth event then you could pm Chad and seek his permission

    There is also an upcoming events section where you can add things that are going on to the Talk Jesus event calendar

    Amen @Christ4Ever ......joining in agreement with your prayer

    While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us
    Romans 5:8
  18. Thank you everyone for your support and responses.

    Have a blessed weekend
  19. Hi brother Chad,

    (and the others working on this website): thank you for your excellent work! I'm a little "isolated" as a believer here but TalkJesus will certainly be (and is already) a good compensation. I'm glad to see there's a page for prayer requests...

    A way I can certainly help is praying for this ministry. Also; if you need more (other) avatars, I could certainly start to create some. Feel free to ask and give some details (requirements, size, etc) about it.

    God bless you all.
  20. I think it would be really cool if we could have our own images for avatars and also each member could have photo gallery, that would be awesome. I have tons of pics I'd love to share. Also, what would be fun is if we had a Q&A on our profiles stuff like favorite tv show, favorite food, favorite bible verse. Any possibilities?!?

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