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Please help, im worried about my friend.

:confused: Ok, my friend is an awesome friend. But her grandpa is Athius. She isnt a full out MEMBER of my church, but she comes to youth accasionaly. But she's been REFUSING to come latley. Me and my friend Brooke are really worried about her and her relationship with God.
:confused: Once she told me "I like coming to youth and listening to Mitchell(our youth pastor) speak. But sometimes i dont know what to beleive. I feel like im letting my grandpa down." At the time i was speach less, and we haven't talked about it since. I feel a little weird bringing it up for some reason. And everytime Me & Brooke bring up our church, or start singing a christian song, my friend's like " ok, thats enough yall"
:confused: This Easter she even went to her Grandpa's church instead of christian church which is really bothering me! I pray for her every night. But i just cant find the right words to talk to her about it! i just need some advice!

Thanks & In Him ><>
pray to god and he will hear. p.u.s.h. pray until something happens.,...... and then pray some more. be there for your friend, but its really up to her. and between her and god. i will pray for your friend and all of the youth group, god bless you and it will be ok, trust the lord
Jesus said:

Matthew 10
37 "He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. 38 "And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.

This is a stumbling stone that many come to on their journey seeking Jesus. Many times one will have to leave their families in order to follow Jesus. This does not mean they have to abandon their families, often later they can show the love of Jesus to there families and bring them to Jesus also. But it looks like your friend has come to that stumbling stone and is not prepared to give up everything for Jesus.

I know what this is like. I left the religion of my family to accept Jesus. Its not just about loosing your family it can sometimes mean loosing your whole community. I recently had the privilege of talking to a former Egyptian army officer who was convicted of the truth of Jesus. He left the army and accepted Jesus and now lives alone, his family even tried to have him killed.This is something that many people who grow up in Christian families do not fully understand. Just try to imagine if you had to make that decision. Would you? Sometimes accepting Jesus means forsaking every thing even your very life.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days

Things are going great! Me and Brooke are doing devotions about 15 minutes a day w/ my friend, we feel like she's realy starting to think about stuff!
We realized she was really unsure about being a christian and what all responsabilities come along w/ that. But we're talking her through it and she seems like she's understanding and that Christianity isnt just a game we really do care and are trying to help her!
Thanks for all your advice and support! it really helped! exspecialy the Bible verse (Matthew 10:37-39), thats even what we're goin to do our devotion on tomorrow!!!!

yay! yay! yay! im soo happy for her and i couldnt have done it with out ya'll!

Thanks and in Him ><>
After every S T O R M,
There's a R A I N B O W. :rainbow:
Staff Member
Don't forget to write a Praise Report on the site in the Praise report forum when your done reaching your goal to get her back on track :)

Glad to see GOD's power working through you all.
The Bible says we don't wrestle against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities of darkness. Satan isn't going to let your friend go without a fight. He gets really upset when a lost person starts seeing the truth. That's why your friend is so touchy about your praise. But Jesus has already defeated satan at the cross and at his resurrection and the giving of the Holy spirit. We are on the winning side! Like others have said -Keep praying.Don't give up regardless of what you see with your eyes. She will be led to Jesus!

Be blessed,