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Please delete my account here!

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by His_kid, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. I thought I had found a safe Christian place to make friends and grow in my faith but boy was I wrong, I have been hated in here by many people, and hurt really bad in the chat area, I am a Catholic and I have been treated horribly by people for it, I want to have my account deleted, this is not a Christ-centered place, not with people like this here!

  2. Oh no...I am so sorry for what has happened to you....
    I hope this doesn't give you the mindset that all Christians are like the
    ones that harassed you...most people don't follow the example of
    Christ, which in turn gives all Christians a bad name...
    But there are people out there that do try to be more like Jesus
    everyday, and really show His love and kindness...
    I know I am not the one who has bothered you...but I really would
    like to apologize for those that is not how Jesus would have
    acted. I wish I could have gotten to know you more before you have
    to leave... :( God be with you Kid
  3. I agree with dannibear. I just saw this post and have no idea what is going on but am upset to hear of such things. I know there are always two sides to every story but truly wish this could be resolved with out your leaving.
    I wish you would send Chad a PM and discuss this matter before making a final decision to leave. By your tone, I know that you, for what ever reason, have been hurt by this and I pray that you resolve this through the appropriate channels before leaving, especially while hurt!
    God Bless!!
  4. Its the denominational warfare thing again. I've sent His_Kid a p.m. explaining that disagreement is inevitable; that people have a right to disagree with her and she with them. i told her its important to find areas of agreement. I hope she sticks around. Her account is still open as far as I know.

  5. I was there

    I was there when this occurred on chat........ There were some misconceptions about Catholics praying to saints, but these are but normal misconceptions.

    There was nothing hurtful directed toward His_Kid. Nobody personally attacked. Just the normal misunderstanding of what the Catholic faith believes, and nothing to be upset about.

    Jesus Is Lord.

  6. wow.

    in YOUR opinion

    and there way waaay more said!
  7. I was there.


    From all the post I saw, nobody was trying to hurt you or be mean to you..

    If someone truly attacked what you believe in a mean, and hateful way I did not notice it.

    I saw lots of dumb comments about Catholics, and some comments about Saint Worship, But these are just the normal comments by People that have a misconception about your faith, and Jack Chick.

    I myself do not subscribe to the Catholic belief system. Others there do not also believe in What Catholic's believe. It does not make sense to some, and because it does not make sense to some of us, does not mean that we dislike Catholics, or want to just put down what they believe.

    A site like this has many different denominations and belief systems. I like Kenneth Copeland. I think He is a awesome man of God.

    Yet you have insensitive and ignorant people on this site that say Kenneth Copeland is a money hungry false prophet. It was because of Kenneth's teaching I was able to stand in comfort while my son was dying.
    I don't get upset, I expect that. I know what I am getting into if I talk about healing or prosperity. I know others don't see things 'MY WAY'.............

    Even in the Chat room they tell me my god is money. Well, lets compare what percent I gave of my income to the Lord to what they gave to the Lord....... Case closed............ I still don't get upset. I expect that type of response to something that is controversial.

    Then we have Calvin's running around the site...... and other election types. They believe God picked who gets saved at the very start of things and the rest are just screwed.

    It has nothing to do with accepting Jesus or making the right Choices. We are not responsible for anything, but God made dumb and destructive and God made smart. Just hope you were made smart or else you get the end of the shaft.

    His_Kid.............. Your just going to have to know these things, and if someone attacks what you believe, then it's not really that big of a deal.

    be blessed.

    Jesus Is Lord.
  8. It would be boring if we were all the same, but it would be nice if we could just get along. *sigh*
  9. CAn we all just get along........

    I think people have a hard time with associating "GETTING ALONG" means others believe like you do.......... There is lots of self righteousness around that is just sickening.

    As if I don't believe the way you do, then I am lost without truth??

    Not hardly.

    Who could believe anything if God did not give the increase. There is no self revelation but only that which God in his mercy shows us. I may have great faith, but I sure am not the author of it.

    Jesus Is Lord.
  10. In my years in the Catholic Church I don't recall ever hearing or seeing anything in Catholic teaching that urged people to read the Bible. That says a lot about the religious culture of Catholicism - an organization tightly controlled from top to bottom with independent thinking discouraged. This resulted in people being indoctrinated with beliefs that preserve the Catholic structure and my opinion is that preservation of that structure is of primary importance to the Catholic heirarchy - modern day Phariseeism as I see it.

  11. It takes spiritual maturity to bear one another's burdens and get along with believers who may be different than yourselves.
    Jesus said the people of God would be known by this:
    Joh 13:35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.
    That does not mean we will agree doctrinally on everything. It does mean (at least to me) that all born again believers should at least be able to discuss their differences in an amicable manner.
  12. Hi there His-Kid,

    Put it down to being streeeetched my love. We all alot of the time have to LEARN to love one another despite ALL our differences. And it IS hard to show patience and kindness to people when they are being quite disagreeable.

    I have had to learn how to love people when they are being just plain dreadful, and people have had to learn the same with me when im having a not so good day or week or month for that matter.

    But this is what we must practice for patience and kindness = LOVE. Gods love.
    1 Corinthians 13, known as the love chapter tells us, love is...patient AND kind. and of course now is an opportunity for you to practice some forgiveness, which we are all challenged with too my sweetie pie.

    Come be streeeetched along with us. You are loved. Just the fact that you exist on this earth is ONLY because God said so. And what God loves, we love, people,each other.

    Climb your mountain my love, dont let the enemy cause you such heartache as to withdraw from people. Just know you ARE loved....forever. ok.

    God bless you with mighty wisdom from above in Jesus name. amen

    a sister in Christ

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