please delete Eddy Fire's account

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hi Chad

thanks for this forum

I must be moving on

thank you to you and Barny and the Rev TS Perkins and Brighthouse and the dear member NZ Daughter who have been my friends here in the short but active time I have been granted

beware of the dogs

remember kindness

some might do well to make and have Kindness as their religion
PLEASE delete my account

may you know the unsearchable riches of God in Christ Jesus the Lord and remember that Christ loved the Church and gave Himself for it

- Eddy Fire

The wind
where it listeth,
and thou hearest the sound thereof,
but canst not tell whence it cometh,
and whither it goeth:
so is every one that is born of the Spirit.
John 3:8
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Sorry to see you go brother.

Just a note: I do not delete accounts because it messes up the thread discussions. I simply close the accounts.
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Brother Eddie. I looked to send you a pm, but you would not recive one I found out.So ok!! I will speak it here in hope you will see it! I do not know why you would flee? But I have learned quite a few things myself being with my good brothers and sister here!Not everyone is going to salute you!! Not everyone is going to agree with you! Some here may even look to condemn you!! FEW! VERY FEW!!! look to recieve words as truth in our lives,few wish to do anything about it to! WHO??? Was saved when Jesus spoke in the Gospels?Not one! After all Jesus spoke and did, even his disciples fleed!!! ( matt 26:56) SOME here, not all but some, wish to look at thoughts from another as an attack personal upon themselves,they do this brother because they have already condemed themselves in the first place!

Since this is true,why would they not also condemn those who speak words to consider? It may not fit everyone,nor be true for everyone,but we all learn. I remember I was preaching in a Church on the need for us to always consider another.( rom 12:3) was my text. In the middle of my sermon, as there were 100 people about in the church most all stood up and yelled at me!! WE HAVE LIBERTY IN CHRIST JESUS!!! Gal 5:13 Says so!!! Yea the first part does!! LOL Then I quoted the second part to them!! LOL 13-15!) NO NO NO !!!! We have LIBERTY in Christ Jesus!!! As this was being yelled out at me again and again, the Holy Spirit caused me to be mindful of his Word!!( matt 7:6)

So I stopped right where I was,took the other two brothers with me, and we walked out of the church wiping our feet before we opened the door. 2 weeks later the church had a fire and burned to the ground. I was sad for this! The sister who invited us to preach was indeed very humble and most kind! The point! Not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven,but rather he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven!( matt 7:21) I have learned much from my brothers and sisters here on this site bro,i have made mistakes, many of them! And I will make many more to!BUT!!! NEVER QUIT! Thomas Edision made 1000 attempts to create the lightblub,he failed 1000 times! Upon reflection, he was asked sir? What did you learn from all of your mistakes? Thomas answered him and said,i learned something!! I learned 1000 ways how NOT to make a lightblub!! So it is with the believer bro,we will make mistakes,but we do not fear and run from the storms anymore.

I learned this the hard way myself!!Storms are not meant to be feared and fleed from,as i used to do! I found out, that no matter how far I ran, or for how long I ran from them,they followed me,and why was that?Because I had decided to stop following Jesus and looked to lead Jesus to where i wished to go! LOl That never works bro!I KNOW!! Brother Chad has done, and is doing his best for his own site, God told him to give us all.But there will always be some,who look to become hurt by truth,or fearful to learn from truth given. It is human nature to become offended. It rains upon us all bro. ( matt 5:45) Storms come! But the point to the storm can never be learned, unless one endures it!( heb 10:36) And to endure the storm we must look to follow our Jesus through that storm! Not part from him in it.

As I used to do many times myself! Let not others lead you to self,but rather let the Lord in you lead you to others.To share, to bring hope,and to adminster His ever present LOVE! Some will receive, some will not,it is not my place to judge or condemn,but rather to present the truth in love even as our Jesus also did. I cannot worry about there trash in there backyard,i have to look first at my own! ( 2 cor 13:5)Then give encouragment to those around me, that by cleaning up ones own trash, they indeed can see better to help another to clean up theres!( Luke 6:39-49!!) A hard lesson I had to learn brother!

So it is important from this to make sure our words are not looking to judge,but rather explain our own faults,and that even though we indeed have them, God's promise also is truth!( Phil 1:6) There is no storm to big or to great,that Jesus cannot calm,and we in him can learn how to sail through him on calm waters.For our faith and belief is not placed upon ourself,but rather on the works and action of whom we follow!! Jesus! May this bring comfort to you brother, and help you to consider some things I sure had to.In whatever you decide brother,truth indeed sets us free!amen!
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Bother as I have said before blessings on you're Journey .i know sometimes God prunes the vine for new growth . If this move is of God I trust He has other plans for you're growth .Go in peace...Rev

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