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Playing to --- Good Times (Edie Brickell)

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being rather slow off the mark at times i did not cotton on until near the end that it was my friend and brother WNL playing along on one screen [left] !!!
I was enjoying the music and trying to remember where i had heard that song before but couldn't pick up the words [due to not very effective speakers?] and then in a moment of great realization....
I then popped over to your channel and saw one or two others you have uploaded.

I think it would sound even better or a real piano. i think your ability to make it sing would come out.

thanks for sharing

Bless you ....><>[/left]
I had selected the stage piano, there is a grand piano or regular piano option that I could have used which would have made it sounded more realistic. You have a good ear. :smile:

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