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Play an instrument???

I am new here and am wondering what everyone plays. Who uses their talents to glorify the one and true living God? Anyone in involved in full-time music ministry, or at their local church, and lead worshippers out there???
God Bless
Yes, I have a djembe, which is an African drum, shaped like an hourglass, carved from wood and has a goatskin head. I have played at church, while camping, and I and several other hand percussionists have met together and played street festivals.

I have also played drums for twenty-odd years, but no longer have a drum kit.
Thats awesome, I love the Djembe, I play one too. You can get so many diffeerent sounds out of it. Cool! Have you ever thought about getting a drum kit again?
Actually, we are looking for a small kit (4 or 5 pc. set) for our church for me to play.

Yes, the djembe is certainly a great instrument. Just got it last September. Mine has a 9 1/2 inch head, so it certainly makes a wide variety of sounds. Glad someone else on here knows what they are!!

I have three boys and they all have drums of some kind or other. My oldest son, 18, also has a djembe, bongos and a set of timbales. I have twin boys, 9, and one has a set of bongos while the other has a set of timbales. Soooooo, under one roof right now....we have 2 djembes, 2 bongos, and 2 sets of timbales. Sometimes my wife simply yells, "okay, that's enough for one evening!!!" lol!
That's cool, I think when I have kids, I start them on something quiter... LOL No, brobably I'll have them playing anything they can get their hands on lol. Someone in our ministry wants to learn the tabla and incorporate different culture sounds in worship. it looks like a hard instrument to learn.

God bless