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Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Chad, May 25, 2015.

  1. It's been a few years now and my memory has forgotten some things. I had an opportunity to tour St. Paul's Church in London, two separate cathedrals in Bremen and Antwerp, and stand outside a church in Lisbon. which dated back to the Crusades. They were all very old and magnificent buildings. My concern wasn't so much about their theology or denomination, but that the people who entered therein were able to experience Jesus and commune with him. It's isn't a contest to compete denominationally. It's about parishioners of all churches, regardless of the name on the door, to know Jesus as their personal saviour and seek the Holy Spirit as their mentor with their leadership never losing that first love.
  2. I visited Spain once while in the Air Force on Space Available (cheap) on a MAC flight. While there I visited a very beautiful and old Cathedral (cant remember the name now), and fed the pigeons that littered the entrance near a very beautiful fountain. Amidst all that beauty, my spirit sensed dark spirits all around the neighborhood. I didnt sense it inside the church, but evil spirits were making their home all around. What I am trying to say is, a beautiful building, and even a sanctuary to the Lord, and hallowed that doesnt influence the area around it to goodness and faith isnt doing much good in furthering the kingdom of God. We are to be a witness to the world, a light not hid under a bushel if we are to further the kingdom of God on earth.
  3. Oct 8
    Puerto Rico
    1. 97% claim to be Christian, yet the population suffers from very high rates of substance abuse, corruption, crime, and poverty. Pray for His healing and for the transformation of His people, and for those that profess what they do not believe to see Who He is and live out the truth.
    2. 62% fail to complete secondary school. Pray for the educational system and for all children to be blessed with time to play and learn.
    3. Pray for effective training and support of new mission ventures and ministries to continue to shape future leaders and for discipleship movements.
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  4. Oct 9
    1. Almost every Qartari follows Islam. Pray that Qartaris at home and abroad would hear about Jesus, and for the birth of a Qartari church. Plans exist for a Catholic facility, then Anglican and Protestant buildings. Pray for space where Asian fellowships can meet and other committed Christans can meet for worship.
    2. Pray for Christians to take employment opportunies to increase the presence of G-d's kingdom in Qartar.
    3. Pray for all the believers to bear a fruitful witness and that media will change as well to reach this country.
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  5. Oct 10
    1. A legacy of brokenness endures from Ceausescus regime. One of the worlds highest abortion rates, with 3 abortions per born child. Pray for healing and wise leadership.
    2. High levels of Christians live here. Pray for freedom from weak faith, hypocrisy, and slander. Pray for a breakthrough of love, holiness, discipleship, and prayer.
    3. 10 new indigenous mission organizations have started since 2000. Please pray they reach out to those most in need.
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  6. Oct 12-16
    1. Millions struggle against poverty and homelessness. Pray for His provision, healing, and solid solutions.
    2. Pray for a vision for outreach. 90% of Russians are not connected to a church. Pray a new spirit of faith will rise up by His Holy Spirit.
    3. Over 78 ethnic minorities are unreached. Pray for bible translations and that the lost are open to His gospel as the Russians are open to obeying His command to go.
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  7. very important post fww, needs abound ...but God need astounding glory! Christianity is biggest religion, fastest growing in world (The Church is growing, and here are the figures that prove it | Christian News on Christian Today
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  8. Oct 18
    Islanders: Pacific, European States, and African
    1. Samoa, like other Pacific Island, has had its culture deeply disrupted by traditional culture and values. Pray for the preservation of simplicity and for the gospel to empower its people to not be focused on materialism.
    2. San Marino, independent of Europe since AD 31, is tied to Italy and Catholic tradition and culture, yet few practice their faith. Those that have evangelized have been jailed or imprisoned and currently this does not occur. Pray for openings for the gospel to be spread and perseverance and support for believers who He may be calling to work there.
    3. Sao Tome, like other African Islands, suffers from isolation and discipleship and leadership training are difficult. Pray for the Bible Society in Mauritius that distributes over 200,000 Scripture portions a year, for bible translation work, and for Christian radio. Mauritius also hosts Bible school and TEE programs, (Theological Education by Extension Studies), but other areas struggle to find resources to train leaders. Pray for Sao Tome's provision.
    Unreached, (for Sao Tome)
    Principe islanders, Angolares, (rural fisherfolk), and servicais, (contract laborers.) Each has its own Creole dialect.
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  10. it occured to me you study church history with energy to do something active for the Lord, i pray for these labourers
  11. I wish I've had the chance to study more church history, but I'm a continual work in progress! I rely on those that have devoted themselves to study and am so grateful for my amazing brothers and sisters in the Lord especially those that put this book together that I am using for these posts by Operation World, (see Operation World | Home We have such an incredible Lord Who empowers us to do great things through Him!
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  12. i had the chance to study church history, but i found it so boring and played up in class. that was 8 yrs ago at bible college. Maybe God liked the radical in me but the rebel part needed to go thro a stressful, abusive marriage 3 yrs later. I am quite ok now and softened like a tender shoot. Humbled major by a head disease that limits mobility but I am sure my heart is pleasing to Him. Thank you for your boldness and I better go and read up on Operation World | Home
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  13. Thanks for the link Robaston! I am loving that article!!! :D

    Thanks for this link misses Fighting! Now I can make my prayer time last much longer! :thumbsup:
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  14. Oct 19
    Saudi Arabia
    1. The birthplace of Islam that many pilgrimage to. Pray that seekers encounter the living Christ.
    2. Their record on human rights and religious freedom is the worlds worst. Pray for the oppressed and for strength, wisdom, and courage for all.
    3. The death penalty is the consequence for faith in Christ. Pray for a miracle, the legalization of Christianity and for the persereverence of believers.
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  15. Rejoicing for your prayers, Mr Ceptor :). Blessings to you!
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  16. I don't know if this thread would be the 'right' place, but considering it's somewhat related to the topic..

    I would like to mention the Muslim people flooding the European nations right now. I have read of Christians already being affected by the Islamic beliefs the Muslims hold that are overwhelming them.

    I would ask that we remember the Christians living there and pray that they will be strong in Christ. Whether they are persecuted by these new people in their countries or whether they are witnessing to them.

    There are great opportunities to spread the Good News of Jesus to many of the Muslims, but some are very extreme in Islam. Many of them in fact. Islam is well known to carry out the convert or die mechanism, and so introduces a threat to everyone in Europe, including our brothers and sisters in Christ.

    I pray there will be many saved souls in Christ, and I also pray God will protect and keep strong those suffering persecution for their belief in our Almighty King.

    Much prayer is needed for anything involving the Muslim world and the Islamic religion.

    Isaiah 26:4
    Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal.
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  17. I am impressed ceptor with your maturity and compassion. I had not considered this need for protection, one example that comes to mind is that christians there who help practically will face awkward situations of who to obey, manipulation and are they playing on the helpers?
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  18. Reminds me brother Ceptor of what many Peter's may be saying to those led to any Muslim state!! LOL ( Matt 16:21-22) All i have to say brother is if the Lord ever led me over there,I KNOW it would be my Jerusalem!! LOL Believers that go over there better be real sure the Lord led them there!! If fact,if an angel appeared to me and told me to go,I would test that spirit!( 1 John 4:1)

    For the enemy can appear as an angel of light!!( 2 cor 11:14-15!!) I sure do not fear death! I just do not wish to be pridefully stupid either! Prayer there is indeed needed! You better know the Word( not just scripture either!! Jesus better abide in you!!( john 14:23) I know a few who are there and from what they say unto me, there is one hard lesson they have learned!! ( Heb 10:36)

    One learns how to endure before one is able to endure! For the will of God is promised to only those who can overcome! I pray for knowledge of God's people there,so that through his knowledge( Hosea 4:6) they may truly understand his wisdom to have his wisdom!!( 1 cor 1:30-31)Thanks for the reminder bro. blessing to you!
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  19. That's because you're seeing Jesus who is in me. I'm not that great without Him. :) But thank you!

    And you mention a very valid point Robaston, many of the Muslims that have went there I believe are indeed preying on those who would help them. There may well be a crisis and people in need, but I believe there is more going on than just that.

    It's good that you pointed this out, many people do not recognize this and I'm very very glad you mentioned it.

    LOL :laugh:, you sound like me brother!

    I too pray they look to God for knowledge and wisdom, and thank you for the verses. I believe the more we listen to God's Word the more earnest and heartfelt our prayers will be. I can always use more of what God has to say.
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  20. Oct 20 is for Saudi Arabia as well.

    Thanks Ceptor, for bringing up all those fleeing. Will be praying for His protection and care as well as that they hear the gospel.

    As far as those remaining and for our Church led there, Matthew 5:10-11 comes to mind. And James 1...

    Matthew 5:10 "How blessed are those who are persecuted because they pursue righteousness! For the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs!"
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