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Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Chad, May 25, 2015.

  1. Someone emailed me the below. Please keep him in prayer.


    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

    Greetings to you in the most precious name from our Lord Jesus Christ!

    I am very glad to share with you that our Living God has filled my hearts with His burden & vision in in my life to reach specifically to the Muslims by The Gospel of Jesus Christ & plant House Churches inside Muslim community. While Muslim terrorist groups such as Islamic state , Taliban, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram are killing Christians in different countries, He is leading me to reach out to the Muslims for His own glory and help them to know that Jesus Christ is The Only Living God and Saviour.

    I am facing lots of challenges and oppositions by the Militant Muslims but God has protected us and the believers for His own glory. The believers at our fellowship from Muslim background are constantly facing opposition from their own family members, relatives and Militant Muslims for their new faith in Christ.

    The Militant Muslims tortures, beats, mocks, spat, try to burn believer’s houses for their new faith in Christ. The believers are reaching to their Muslim neighbors, relatives and militant Muslims in the midst of persecution & oppositions by His grace & mercies.

    However, I humbly request you kindly pray for God’s protection in my life, family and the new believers from the hands of militant Muslims. Pray also for His wisdom and guidance in all our lives and ministry.

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  2. It's likely best I avoid this thread, but I would like to contribute some of what I've gleaned chatting with muslims online comparing Islam to Christianity. The militant Muslims of today are little different than the Church was between the 14th and 16th centuries. If you do not do as they demand, then bad things will happen. Muhammed encountered many Christians in his travels as a merchant. He was renown for his honesty and fairness. I believe that while Muhammed listened to those telling him the Gospel, he rejected it and created the Noble Qu'ran from a series of dreams partly in response to it. There are also 900 Hadiths to help explain the Qu'ran. Remarkably, Muhammed's desire was that the Muslims, Jews, and Christians could co-exist in peace. In the Qu'ran, there are a few Old Testament names such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David,but there are only two New Testament people mentioned by name: Mary, and Jesus. Mary is afforded a much larger section while Jesus is accorded only about two dozen verses. While disciples are mentioned as a group, none are mentioned by name. The Muslims will tell you that the Bible was corrupted by the Christians trying to put Jesus on a pedestal. Unfortunately, Muslims have been unable to find the "original" Bible. Through a series of dreams, Muhammed attempted to return believers to an Arabic form of Mosaic Law.

    The Qu'ran is written in the order of largest to smallest books. It is not chronological in order. The stories containing the above names have a somewhat different ending in the Qu'ran than the Bible. Unlike the Bible, it was not meant to stand on its own merit. The Qu'ran issues two directives regarding believers of other religions. The first is that the Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all brothers and each shall treat the other hospitably. The second is that those that who reject Islam are infidels, and the treatment of infidels is left up to the person making that conclusion. It could get ugly if you're declared a threat. Muhammed declared that there are seven ascending levels of Heaven. Jesus is in the fourth while Muhammed is in the seventh, or highest level. The only way to be a good muslim is to claim Muhammed as the last of the Prophets.

    Because Christians are commanded to preach the saving message of Jesus to all, it is very much a threat to every existing social and political system because they will be fundamentally changed because of it. Those having a vested interest in something may fight if they lose benefits. Within 200 years of the passing of Muhammed, Islam changed straying into increasingly darker strategies. The average Arab or even Muslim of today is not blood thirsty. Like you and I, they want to raise their children, and hold their grand children in a land of peace. This isn't about us versus them. I really don't care if they're card carrying members of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, or even the Ku Klux Klan in America as we all need the Prince of Peace as our Master. One has to make a decision of which is stronger, the Bible or a bullet. They will tell what a bullet can do. Can you show them what the Bible can do?


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  3. John that was impressively said!!!!!
  4. Bashir I will pray for you!!
  5. Adding in my prayers!
  6. Since July, after reading a book by David Platt a friend from work lent me, I got an abridged version of Operation Worlds book, Pray for the World. Adding to our prayers for Bashir, church plants, and the conversion of Muslims, I thought I'd post the country of the day on their calendar and a few bullet points. This prayer practice has very much blessed me and many praying is the most powerful, so.... Please join me!

    Sept 28
    1. Freed from spirits of lawlessness and violence.
    2. Change in the education system, which is minimal, and a break in the cycle of domestic violence, which is widespread
    3. For persecuted believers, endurance and perserverence in spreading the gospel, always ready to repay violence with love.

    Some unreached: Seraki-speaking peoples. The 200 largely rural peoples of the Punjab and Sindh regions have almost no Christian workers or resources.
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  7. Sept 29
    1. The Lords best will regarding a just land settlement, improved living conditions, and effective leadership.
    2. That Palestinian Christians remain strong in their faith and their commitment to the gospel in such difficult conditions.
    3. That the 61 per cent of Palestinians abroad are given a just and right solution, not the poverty and uncertainty of the refugee camps.
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  8. Sept 30
    Papua New Guinea (PNG)
    1. PNG is plagued with violence and sexual immorality, as well as disease. It is gifted with diversity and 130 years of successful missionary work. Pray for peace that reaches beyond non violence to bring true unity, national identity to rise above ethnic ties, and for application of the gospel to invade lives deeper than intellectual awareness.
    2. Pray for a pure church, pure teachings, and truth to take hold of those that currently suffer from being superstitious, especially concerning HIV and AIDS and its transmission.
    3. Pray for Bible translation work. 210 translations exist for the New Testament but only 12 for the old and there are up to 400 languages that need translation teams.
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  9. Oct 1
    1. Roman Catholicism dominates spiritual and political life, strongly opposing corruption and immortality but sadly, evangelicals too. Pray evangelicals respond in love and seek the goodness to unify with needs based evangelism and that Catholics repent of cult like practices and those Catholics that do serve Christ alone would see and be open with His presence with the evangelicals. Pray for unity for the invisible and visible church in that region and our world.
    2. Pray for an association of pastors in the region promoting national strategies to evangelize the country and edify rural churches.
    3. Praise the Lord for their openness to missions and pray for the many working school aged children, that they would be able to play and learn.
    Unreached: 21 indigenous Amerindian groups just staring to hear the gospel. Pray it takes root in good soil.
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  10. Oct 2
    1. 50% of the population live in poverty and 20% in extreme poverty due in a large part to an abusive and corrupt government. Pray for justice and righteousness for the oppressed.
    2. There is a strong foreign demand for cocaine that creates webs of issues. Ask for G-d to tear down structures of sin and expose evil. Ask for His best, good solutions with healthy leadership.
    3. Both the Catholic and Evangelical churches suffer. 5% of Catholics attend church and the priests are foreigners. Guerilla warriors martyr evangelical leaders. Pray for a national body of believers unified by the Spirit
    Unreached: highland and lowland Amerindian groups
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  11. I find it truly amazing how much courage many believers have in a Country,where like Jerusalem to Jesus,he himself avoided till the time was merited to go there,because he knew death would look to take a hold of him.And yet, through so much horror,and depression, and hopelessness,God sends his people to become a light amid so much darkness!

    With one warning!! BE PREPARED!! Before David ever fought Goliath he was prepared! ( 1 Sam 17:37!!)For it is so very true brothers and sister that he who is faithful in little shall indeed be faithful in much!!( Luke 16:10) Only you know for sure if you are ready for the test! I have learned hard lessons on my streets of Detroit Michigan espically in Dearborn Michigan, where the greatest number of Arab people dwell in.Show belief first,then speak upon one own testimony.( James 1:22) for a doer can save many words,until his or her words can have great power among the people, because they have seen Jesus in you with there own eyes first!

    So that when they hear your words of comfort and establishment in God's own word,you will not crumble! For the foundation upon where you stand is indeed firm!( Psalm 40:1-3) My prayers, and faith,go forth for those who are in bondage,but even greater then this,is the very escape, our brothers and sisters provide to so many through our very Jesus!!( 1 Cor 10:13) Now!!

    May the Lord bless you,and keep you,may his face of light shine upon you,and always be gracious unto you, May the Lord lift up his very countenance on you,and always give you peace!! Amen! ( Numbers 6:24-25) If we as believers do not stand for something!! we will fall to anything! Don't!! Be strong!!( 1 Cor 16:13-14) God bless our disciples in a dry and weary land!( Psalms 63:1-11!!)
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  12. Oct 3-5
    1. Pray for Metro Manila, a mega-city of 11 million, with Greater Manila up to 20 million. Many open to the gospel but evangelicals are keeping to the wealthier areas. Pray that the gospel will impact the wealthy and that the power and potential they hold will then be sent out by His Spirit for the whole nation.
    2. The Philippine Missions Association train and encourage over 500,000 to work overseas. Over 2000 Catholic missionaries also serve in other lands. Pray for their outreach and example of being missions oriented to reach believers not fulfilling His command to go and make disciples and for a transformation and purification of His Church to all the nations.
    3. The major export of the Philippines is people. Over 8.1 millions citizens live abroad in order to work, or to spread the gospel. Pray for them to be salt and light.
    Unreached: 17 tribes, most of which are Muslim in the regions of: Mindanao, Sulu Islands, Palawan, Luzon, and Visayas. Pray also for the 1 million Chinese, and the younger generation of Chinese-Filipinos. Pray also for young people, over half the population is under 20. 24 percent miss education because of a need to support the family or because there is no local school. Up to 100,000 children and 400,000 women are trafficked.
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  13. Interesting you would mention the Philippians sister fightngwrmwood,for I myself lived there during the Vietnam conflict, from 1972-1976,many things have of course changed over the years,as a dear sister I also know is from there.The slavery of so many children and people has also grown over the years, I am sorry to say!! Some as young as 8 years old! Only Bangkok is worse.

    There is coming a massive Exodus in the coming signs are already making themselves know to the believers there.And the corrupt government there is now set to be brought forth into the light,for all to witness and see. Although hidden in darkness for many years,the Lord is set forth to bring his power of attention unto this people.For many believers have cried unto him, even as the Jews once cried unto the Lord for so long to find a deliverer.

    The order and outcome that I believe the Lord has shown me,will amaze even the most devout unbeliever.Something most supernatural is arriving to there land. The fine people of believers in the Philippians will have there deliverance,and that right soon! ( 1 cor 16:22-24!!) Maranatha! Oh Lord come, has been there cry, and he has heard the cry of his people!
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  14. Amen, will be praying for that nation and it's people the next three days and my heart cries with yours for those precious little ones.

    Yes, Brighthouse, His Spirit has seemed to cross our paths a few times, being both Michiganders, and a woman from my church lived in Dearborne and just left to minister in the Middle East!

    Praise the Lord for this vision He has given you and I am encouraged to know that same Spirit is nudging me along too! I've still got much growth to go in trust, but I do pray He will increase my faith so as to bring Him more glory. I look forward to reading what the Lord would have you share and pray He continue to bless you with the gifts of visions, wisdom, and discernment.
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  15. Praying for those who are doing God's work wherever they are on planet Earth.
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  16. Oct 6
    1. Poland is plagued with poverty, unemployment, violence, and immorality, especially in rural areas. Young people have material things, but are still hopeless without Him. Pray for them to seek His kingdom first.
    2. 86% are Romam Catholic, but church attendance is dropping significantly. Pray for renewal and a spiritual life in the person of Jesus.
    3. There is strong resistance to the gospel. Pagan, Wicca, and New Age practices gain followers. Many mix Catholic practices with these other ways. Pray for a demonstration of the power of Jesus, and a defeat of false teaching.
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  17. Other than the roman catholic info, that sounds a lot like where I live in western NC, yet there is hope as well and the faithful do make their voice heard amidst the garbage. Glad to pray.
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  18. Thank you Brad and Amadeus2!

    Brad, before summarizing the prayer request from the calendar, all this is outlined more extensively from Opreation World's book, (the abridged version), I pray it first, then post. There are often issues that I even see within my own church community, or at work, or the same principle or need just in a different context, just like you wrote. Your post made me so appreciative of the healing way the Spirit can move us and get our attention. So thankful to see the feedback and encouraged to know of your prayers!
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  19. Oct 7
    1. In 2000, none of the 69 counties had an evangelical church. Now, 44 do. The Portuguese Evangelical Alliance has a goal to plant a church in every county by this year. Pray for their success.
    2. Pray for the less reached areas and specifically for ethnic minorities, (from W Africa, Brazil, China, Macau, Ukraine, and others).
    3. Ex-pat missions find this country a difficult but promising field. Pray for their evangelical work, church planting, Bible training, and music. Sports s also a useful form of outreach. The Internet is an area for evangelistic ministry that needs to be explored by skilled Christian workers.
    Side note: praise the Lord for TalkJesus and it's moderators. Grant that we can be part of reaching all these countries for Him.
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  20. Pray for this forum and the few others where people are really holding onto God's Word. It is late, but not too late. Give God the glory!
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