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Plant, Nurture, and Water

Staff Member
He that gathereth in summer [is] a wise son: [but] he that sleepeth in harvest [is] a son that causeth shame. Proverbs 10:5

A farmer who doesn’t put in the necessary work in the summer shouldn’t expect to see a harvest in the fall. Nor should he expect to simply put in the work during the summer and then sleep during the harvest. Planting, nurturing, and gathering all have natural seasons and rhythms. They are not changed by human whims or bouts of laziness.

When you think of a farmer, do you think of someone who avoids work? No. Farmers understand that avoiding work isn’t an option. Often they don’t even attend worship services during the fall because it’s the time for harvesting and that window of time is very limited.

From the big-picture perspective, you’re to be about the business of planting and nurturing during your prime income-earning years because a time is coming in the fall and winter of your life when you’ll no longer be able to gather as much.

Today’s verse is written with a family in mind. A son who gathers and harvests at the appropriate times is wise. He puts the needs of his family before his own wants. Does your work life resemble a farmer’s? Are you consistent in your planting and nurturing, knowing that fall is on the way?

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