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Places to Eat

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Places to Eat - April 10, 2006

Spring has arrived in all its glory! How I enjoy this time of the year. Even the heavy layer of pollen dust does not deter me from sitting on my back porch each morning, drinking in Gods' beauty.

This morning I paid special attention to the birds. Many varieties come to my back yard to eat, and I have made the food readily available to them by placing four types of bird feeders in that area. One is a thistle bag, hanging from a metal arm attached to the tree. Another is one that sits on a pole and contains hulled sunflower seeds. The third hangs from a tree limb and is the "squirrel- proof" feeder. It is filled with black sunflower seeds. The last is one that looks like a bird house, but has a platform on which birds can sit and eat. A single bird may visit one, or all four feeders in the morning.

This reminds me of the way God offers me spiritual food. The first and most important way for me to receive this spiritual food is by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am able to draw upon Him to nourish me. In the Bible Jesus gives many references to this amazing fact. Some are Luke 22:19,20; Mark 14: 22-24; John 4:32 and John 6:55. I have also been given The Bible- the Holy Word of God, along with two well functioning eyes to read it. I can listen to Christian tapes- music or talk, to be fed. Finally, God has given me six very special prayer partners and my blessed sister, Sally, so that I may learn and draw from their great wealth of knowledge, understanding, and their own experiences with our Lord.

How very blessed I am to have such a banquet laid out before me. Actually, God has set a place at the banquet table for you, too! Have you taken your seat?

Lord, thank you for the privilege of sitting at your table of love.

Contributed by Marion Smith: [email protected]