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Pinchas and his ZEAL for the LORD Numbers 25:10 to 29:40

Hello and shalom to all

I am back from ministering to the Armed Forces in El Salvador, it was a blessing, and I hope that many of the soldiers and the Air Force members, cadets, officers, etc were blessed. I shared the message from God s Word, traveled to many places in this country, got to wear my army uniform once again, once a soldier, always a soldier.


NUMBERS 25:10 - 29:40................1 KINGS 18:46 - 19:21........................JOHN 2: 13´-22

In this study, we see the zeal of Pinchas, when the leaders of Israel were dismayed at the whole nation going after the gods of Moab. Some seem to think that Balaam told Balak that since he could not curse Israel, that they could bring a curse upon themselves, by going after the gods of Moab, according to Jewish midrash

However, YHVH brought down punishment upon his people, and rightly so, and Pinchas decided to do something about it, in the sight of all the leaders, we read that a guy named Zimri brought a Moabite woman named Cozbi into his tent, and we all know what went on in side the tent, Pinchas rushed inside with a spear and Shishkabobed them both with one thrust of the spear, pinned them BOTH to the ground, so ended the curse, and PInchas was rewarded with a part of the priesthood.

Now, does this mean one should go out and shoot all the prostitutes, drug dealers, etc? and expect to be rewarded by God ? We all know the answer, we live under a democracy and not under a Theocracy, Israel was a THEOCRATIC society, God made the rules, here we live under the rules of man. Yet we should pray for prostitutes, law breakers, etc, that they might repent and come to accept Yeshua as Messiah and LORD, and thus be saved.

Later in the Parasha, we see the ordinaces of the daily offerings, and we see how Yeshua is reflected in them. 2 lambs, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with fine flour and olive oil, and libation offering of wine. 2 lambs, the number 2 reminds of the letter BEIT in Hebrew, it means HOUSE, we are part of GOD s HOUSE, his family, ¨Anachnu Kol Beit Adonai¨ we are all part of Adonai s house, his family, it takes 2 parties to make a covenant
YHVH is the giver and covenant maker, WE are on the receiving end. The covenant was made on Calvary´s tree, By God himself as YESHUA who is the LAMB of God, we could also say ONE lamb for Israel and ONE for the nations that come to YESHUA by faith,
The flour reminds us of YESHUA the BREAD OF LIFE, and the oil, the RUACH HA KODESH
(Holy Spirit) and the wine, HIS BLOOD, perfect picture, back then, performed twice daily


1 KINGS 18¨ 46 to 19:21

Elijah is God s man, his prophet, we are reminded of his zeal when he killed the false prophets of Baal, but we also see his human side, he ran for his life when Jezabel threatened to have him killed as well. The angels comforted him and made him some fig cakes, he later went to Mt Horeb, all the way to the land of Midian (Saudi Arabia) and rested in a cave, YHVH assured him that he was not the only one to have kept the faith, there were 7000 Israelites that had not bent the knee to Baal, yet, he needed the rest, we all need to rest, we are all human and get tired out, discouraged, etc....God will speak to us like a ¨CALM BREEZE a comforting voice, yet we need to know how to hear his soft voice, He spoke to Moshe in thunder and lightening, yet he spoke to Eliyahu through a soft small voice, it was what he needed to hear at that time, rest up, you still have a long trip ahead of you, so we all do, work, minister, rest, that is the way of life.


JOHN 2: 13 to 22

We hear Yeshua s words, DESTROY THIS TEMPLE AND I WILL REBUILD IT IN THREE DAYS. yet not the temple that was standing at that time, His own body, and it was so, in three days, he was raised from the dead. Thus giving us also assurance, that we also, we be raised when we die, our physical bodies will undergo a change, from corruptible to incorruptible, our sinless bodies will be part of our sinless souls and spirit, His death brought us life, eternal life, Baruch HaShem

Rabbi Ben Avraham, San Salvador, El Salvador

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