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Pharisee in Training?

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No one could answer him. And after that, no one dared to ask him any more questions. Matthew 22:46

The Pharisees were religious leaders. They asked Jesus questions--lots of questions. They asked questions they hoped would trap Him. They hoped to expose Him as a fraud. They tried. They failed.

What was proven was that Jesus was faithful and the Pharisees weren't to be trusted. However, before criticizing the Pharisees, remember they weren't the only untrustworthy people in the Bible. Because mankind sins, no human is completely trustworthy.

Love is the only remedy for this lack of trust. Love allows trust in others to grow. This is true even when you're fully aware of times when they haven't always been dependable. You can interact with others knowing they'll let you down at some point. Other people can interact with you knowing you'll fall short on promises made.

Jesus came for those who'd been faithless. He said that when His people show they can be trusted in small things, He would trust them with bigger responsibilities.

Prayer: Lord, it's easy to look at the failings of others and think I've done better. Help me to remember You're the only fully trustworthy One I'll ever encounter. May I be faithful in the things You ask that seem small, so I'll have a chance to be trustworthy in bigger things.

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