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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by markm, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. The couple of times I have tried the chat, there has not been anyone there. Perhaps if you set a time a couple of times a week, when people could meet in the chat room for a "meeting"? Maybe even have a place we post the next "meeting time" and what we might discuss? Prayer, Bible study, current events?
  2. I personally would love a weekly chat session. It'd be like having church online! Great idea! I'd be there as long as I am not at work.
  3. Ok. I'll add that now.

    There was a "version 1" of Talk Jesus where there were exactly 800 members until sadly I lost all in switching hosting servers and redesign. It was much more active but a little messy with some trouble makers. The site now is truly monitored 24/7 by me (ok minus sleep time lol). With your help we can make it grow by sharing the word around to family, friends and our church.
  4. I'll happily be spreading the word around about this site. I'm sure I can get some new faces in here. Like mine isn't new but I'm sure you know what I mean! :)
  5. I'm up when you are asleep, if you would like a little help with admin, i'm here!
  6. Thank you Chanandler.
  7. I think the same as many times as I been in the chatroom there isn't one person in there. So that is crazy but we do need to set a meeting with everyone to chat about Jesus the most high.

    Love, diana31483
  8. Well it looks like many agree about this, as do i.
    So when will the meeting be ??
    What days will we be able to meet and chat ??
    What times ??
    i love talking to people about Jesus, i currently chat in the Praize Chat room, as WWJesusD - Kay, which has many moderators, which pop in from time to time to see that every one is getting along. It is open 24 hours a day, and usually has many people in it, sometimes i do find it empty but not often.
    So i think that a Chat Room like that here would be great !! :)
    Just my humble opinion,
    Walk With Jesus Daily,
    Talk With Jesus Daily,
    Sleep With Jesus Daily,
    Wake With Jesus Daily,
  9. I posted chat times on the home page for live chats. Thanks for your feedback everyone.
  10. lol :) ok i see it now lol i just must have overlooked it, maybe i was looking too hard :)


    Walk With Jesus Daily,
    Talk With Jesus Daily,
    Sleep With Jesus Daily,
    Wake With Jesus Daily,
  11. Amen!
    Good suggestion! I for one, would Love to learn more of the Word in a structured environment.

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