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Perfect Heart

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Hi Dear Friends,

I need a little help. I'm looking for the story of the lady who thought she had a perfect heart and realized she didn't. I wanted to share that story with my sister. She is going through a difficult time emotionally. Her grieving for my Mom's passing is really hurting her and I hate to see this become bitter. She doesn't understand why this had to happen - why she has to be hurt - - a lot of whys?

The story of the perfect heart came into my thoughts and I want to share it with. Could the sister (or brother) who sent the thread - PM it to me. It would be really appreciated. Also my dear friends, could you pray for my sister? I spoke with her for over an hour last night. I even talked about Jesus to her - I've never done that before. I truely believe the door has opened and I hate to miss this time. Please for me that the Lord's heart will speak through mine.

Thank you & God bless,
sister claim it!In JESUS name that the spirit of comport,peace,joy in the Holy Ghost be upon your sister.Amen
Hello dear friends,

Thank you for your support and prayers. I sent her the story and told her that Jesus loves her. I hope you don't mind if you continue to keep her in your prayers.

Also this past Easter Sunday, my father came for a short visit and went to Church with me. (Which really surprise me but also brought joy to me) My father doesn't know the Lord and I pray that the message of salvation was planted in his heart. Will you please also prayer for my father that he will except Jesus in his heart.

God bless,
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