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Please pray for me, even though this might sound a bit childish. My sister has this boyfriend in which I really do not like, but the bible tells us to love our enemies. For some reason though he just really gets under my skin, and I honestly would like some people to pray with me as I try to do as god has instructed us to. I want to get along with him (and my sister for that matter) but I would really appreciate that extra push from other believers. They are both unsaved and do not know the lord. I also would like prayer that they will get to know god a little more each day.

-Thanks! Sincerely Lilly :)
What did he do to you in order to be called your enemy? Getting under your skin makes him an irritant, but that's all unless you choose to pick fights with him.
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First welcome to Talk Jesus Lilly Lewis
Glad you've found us here :)
Will pray for you but especially for them (sister & boyfriend) who do not know the Lord as their Savior.
Stay faithful and keep praying!